Saturday, August 24, 2019

August mini almost in the books and another kid project

In anticipation of my driving back up to the cabin, I decided I needed to get my August mini done since the month is drawing to a close fast and furiously!

I found these blocks in a zip lock bag on a bookshelf in my sewing room and decided I could just put them together and call it good.  I'm meeting my friend Sandy who does my long arm quilting on Monday and I wanted to have something to give her! Note that it needs to be pressed!

I pulled a couple of stash yardage to put it together and have to say that to me, it's MEH!!

So I scouted for a floral border and grabbed this French General:

I think it's still BLAH... Maybe it's the blocks that are just boring;  I don't even remember making them, to be honest!

Then I thought maybe I'd perk it up with something wild and crazy and give it to a kid.  

Any thoughts?  Or suggestions?  It is definitely going to be a donation quilt, I'll tell you that!  But I did use up random blocks that were sitting on a shelf...that zip lock baggie is now empty and ready to be re-used... so that's something, right??!!

I have also been slowly playing around with a panel I bought last month, with the intent of making it into a kid quilt.  My son's wife is due to deliver their baby in a couple of weeks and I think it might make a cute baby quilt for the new grandson!

It was a large panel with lots of cars;  I cut them out at 8" and am adding bright and fun sashings.  Cute, don't you think??

Hope you're having a great weekend!!  I'm looking forward to getting some sewing done this week before our friends arrive.

The cabin is EMPTY... I see ghosts everywhere--the kids just left on Monday and my memory of them taking over the cabin is so fresh... I see them doing everything.  But that's life, right??  They are already back in school and their month with us at the cabin is a memory.  


  1. Too funny. I found my blocks for my August mini in a zip lock Baggie too! Hahaha. Maybe those ghosts will help you get all your projects done.

  2. Wow, I feel out of it that my August mini didn't come from a baggie--but wait, I made my July mini out of parts and scraps that were in a baggie on a shelf in my sewing room, so I am not too far off.
    Personally I thought your floral border breathed life into your little quilt.
    Yes, those little cars blocks will make a cute baby boy quilt.

  3. I like it with the blue border. It looks "old".

  4. I like that blue border, too..looks very vintage. Nice idea for that upcoming baby quilt...hugs, Julierose

  5. There's a win-win going on here. I see a "nice" quilt for donation and an empty shelf space. Yeah! With the blue border, the quilt comes alive and raises to a "lovely" quilt. It does get that vintage "charming" look with the border. Love the use of more blocks in the corner. In my book, you are on the right track. Maybe it will grow on you as you continue working on it.
    The blocks for the new grandchild are so cute. Enjoy! ;^)

  6. Okay, I'm going with the crowd and voting for the FG fabric. I think it adds some charm, but that may be because I have a soft spot for blue--haha! I know what a good feeling it is to use up some old blocks so it's a win-win all around.

  7. Your mini is cute and when it’s quilted and washed it will look like an antique. The baby quilt will be darling!

  8. I like the addition of the blue floral on your scrappy quilt. It think it really perks it up and I like it!
    What a cute baby quilt you have going. Love the fun bright fabrics.
    Awe, the empty cabin, at least its filled with wonderful memories and more to come with your friends. Enjoy your sewing time!

  9. I love the blue border fabric and the setting triangles. It is the interior alternating block fabric that takes away from the pieced blocks. Maybe you could replace those squares with something that would help the other pieced blocks shine. Just a thought. . .