Thursday, September 19, 2019

It's about time!!

Once again, who knows where the time has gone??!!

I've done some sewing and am excited to share with you my progress.  But first I want to share this adorable picture of Eli, my son's 3 yr old.  I went to visit them two weeks ago in DC (waiting for the new baby to be born) and found in Eli's room the quilt I made for my son back in 1991 after I had just completed a very lengthy and exhausting murder trial.  I made each of my kids the same pattern but different fabrics.  Talk about full circle!

I know the year because I embroidered 1991-- no labels in those days!  I noticed that the binding is fraying a bit and I might borrow it to repair it!

We drove back and forth to the cabin a couple of times in August and I got a fair amount of my hand sewing done.  These are two more blocks for the Primitive Gatherings Twilight quilt from last year.

This one is almost done.  I will take it with me for the flight back to DC this weekend, as we are going for my son's graduation from the next phase of the Marine Reserve program he's been participating in since January.  I've already started prepping the next block to take along.

When we were at the cabin, I learned that someone I used to work with was diagnosed with liver cancer so I quickly went to work to finish up a quilt I could send him.

This is from Bonnie's modified trip around the world.  I started this several years ago and have been collecting 2-1/2" strips just for these blocks.  They go together so quickly.  I had some extra blocks so I pieced the back!

But then I decided I didn't want to wait until I got it back from the long arm quilter so I looked through my piles and found this quilt, made from a cheater cloth, and decided I'd give this to him instead.  I delivered it last week and he and his wife were in tears at receiving this gift, since he's always so cold now. ;-(

My builder's wife was elated with the quilt I sent her last month and sent me this adorable picture of her with the quilt I sent.

I love sending quilts to people who are ill;  getting a picture of them with the quilt is a bonus!  I have one more person just diagnosed with breast cancer (she used to work at the Memory Care where my mom is living and I never met her) who needs a quilt!  It's one of my favorite things to do with my quilts!

I also did the cheddarback blocks for this month, although I haven't figured out the letter blocks.  I thought I had a book of letters but can't find it.

My most recent progress has been on the Moda 
Blockheads II.  I'm determined to finish all the blocks and start to put them together!
I worked on the appliqué blocks this week.  I was unsure if I was going to do them or opt for alternatives but, in the end, I just pushed on.

I'm doing my quilt in red/white/blue and found a homespun for the basket, so I'm happy with that.

I also got a bunch of the pieced blocks finished!

Can you spot the mistake?  I saw it after I hung it on the design wall... easy fix, if I'm motivated!  

This last one I made isn't one of my favorites.  Kind of a hodge-podge but it'll work.  there are a LOT of blocks so I don't think this one's busy-ness will matter.

Doesn't seem like much progress, I'm sad to say.  We had the grandkids with us at the cabin until late August and then we drove them back to SF and then turned around and went back up to the cabin for Labor Day.

Hope you are enjoying the last vestiges of summer-- and that everyone in your world is healthy and doing well!  That's the most important thing, isn't it??!!  We need to appreciate what we have, every day we get to enjoy.

I'm becoming more philosophical.  I am done with people who aren't positive or appreciative of the good things.  I for one am grateful I'm alive, I am healthy, I have a wonderful family and more love from friends and family than I could ever dream of.  


  1. Wow what a great post.
    How sweet is that photo of the gift quilt. so sweet.
    Your little blockhead blocks are so fun.
    your primitive gathers is pretty. I love all the low volumes. pretty!
    Such a cute photo of your grandson with your son's quilt. I love that full circle!

  2. I think you've made enormous progress! Love all your blockheads blocks especially the red check basket--adorable! The Twilight Garden blocks are beautiful and making me wish I would have signed up for that one--lol!

  3. Wow Randy, you've been busy! I love everything! Especially yout trip-around-the-world gift quilt. I wonder if Bonnie provides tips on how to sew and press all those squares to get the seams to nest. (I'll have to check her website.)I love that you are gifting your beautiful quilts to folks that really need them.

  4. I dearly love those neutral color appliques on the red background.

  5. Eli is so adorable. OMG I just want to hug him. Your PG Twilight blocks are gorgeous. I love your choice of fabric. The smile on that woman's face speak loud and beautiful. God bless her. I think you did a lot of progress, don't be so hard on yourself. You did a whole lot more than I, lol. I too find that I have less and less time and serene attitude with negative people. Like Einstein said: Stay away from negative people as they have a problem for every solution. Take care. ;^)

  6. Great progress on your projects. If you can't find your book with letters, I have mine handy and can copy you whichever letters you need.

  7. I don't know why you think you haven't much to show?! It looks like you have accomplished a lot! And all your projects look fabulous! I don't know what's wrong with the block? Are you talking about the corners? I looks great! And you are right about Gratitude. xoxo

  8. What a special photo of Eli on the quilt you made for his Dad!
    Your wool blocks are really pretty on the red background. Did you switch that up? Seems like the original was on black, wasn't it? I like the red a lot!
    You are always so generous with your quilts. Very good of you to do kind things for people battling serious health issues. Great photo of your builders wife with her quilt.
    Lovin' the r/w/b blocks.
    Amen to your last paragraph, my friend!

  9. Yikes! First of all, I can't believe Eli is 3 already!! And, I can't believe that I have not read this post until now. What a crazy summer this has been! I did manage to post on September 1 and if all goes well I will post again on the 30th. Sheesh! How wonderful that you are making someone who is ill feel better with a wonderful hand made quilt. I really need to do more of that. I give lots of the mini's away, but I need to make more comfort quilts. Thanks for the inspiration!