Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween

 Well it's a weird Halloween,  isn't it?  This is the first year we won't be with the grandkids, who used to trick or treat at our house.  There's nothing going on here in Sunriver and it's pretty chilly so I'll probably sew and finish my October mini. The kids are going to a friend's house for an indoor, private party.  My how things are different this year!

I am excited to share with you the little pin cushion I was lucky enough to purchase from Kelly Cline. I love it!

My October mini is something I made years and years ago!  It just needs some quilting and binding.  I promise to get it done today!  There are the Cascades, seen from Bend.  I can't even remember when I paper pieced this pattern!  It has to be at least 10 years ago...maybe more.

My daughter and I took a drive into Sisters today and it was a sad reminder of past events. My quilting friends and I  were there for the quilt show nearly 18 months ago.  We went into the Stitchin Post, usually the center of the quilt show and hub of activity.  Sadly they were selling bags from the quilt show -that wasn't! ;-(. And the story was pretty empty.  There wasn't even a lot of fabric!

I did buy some fabric of course...and thought this one was too cute to pass up!

I have no idea what I'l do with it but it seems like. one of those fabrics that is too great to cut up.  Maybe I need to cut it into strips using the sayings in various places.!

Here's an update on the sourdough bread-- it was interesting to see that probably half of you who commented thought I shouldn't accept it.  Well, karma works in mysterious ways.  My bread did not rise and after baking, I  literally had two hockey pucks!  UGH...  Now it's possible that my kitchen is just too cold for bread to rise.  I'm going to stick with that story!  In the meantime, I went to a bakery yesterday and bought a loaf of sourdough bread already perfect (and sliced).  

There's a full moon tonight.  I read that it's called a Blue Moon because there are two full moons in October.

Have a good one! 


  1. Your October mini is very cool! It's timeless. What a sweet pincushion and I love the fabric you picked up. It has a lot of fun potential! Too bad about the sourdough!!

  2. love your mini! yay for getting out a UFO too. It is a great composition.
    We had a great view of the Blue Moon. Hope you did too.
    too bad about your sour dough starter.
    what a weird Halloween indeed.

  3. Love your mini for October. Wow. It looks intricate but very well made. Good for you for finishing a UFO. Love, love, love your new pincushion. So cute! Also love the new fabric. It would be perfect for a sewing machine cover. Enjoy! ;^)

  4. So glad that you are finishing a long forgotten project for your October mini. The landscape will be a beautiful reminder of beautiful places. Sweet pincushion. Vintage fabrics? The moon was brillant last night.

  5. That pin cushion is SEW sweet!! Best of luck with the quilting of that UFO and you are sure to have some fun with the fabric you purchased on your trip to The Stitchin Post.

  6. That is an adorable pincushion!
    You have made a great representation of the Cascades. Did you get it quilted as planned?
    Love the fabric you bought.
    Too bad about the sourdough. I never could remember to feed a starter. Kept one going for a little while and then just couldn't stay with it. I don't even want to attempt a gluten free version.

  7. Hey Randy! Oh for the days of the sister's show! Well hopefully next year! I like your mini choice. Sometimes things just have to sit aorunf til they have a purpose! Take care!

  8. Love that mini!! Makes me want to go to the mountains! I have linked you into the post. Funny about the sourdough! I'm always happy to let others do my baking! Looking forward to chatting!