Monday, October 26, 2020

The kindness of strangers


Are you noticing that selvages have the most interesting sayings?  I found this one over the weekend while working on more stars for my Sprigs and Stars quilt.

I've been agonizing over the alternate star blocks and I think I've finally decided to use a variety of soft neutrals. I found some unusual ones at a quilt store in Bend.  I'm going to eliminate the one with the dark purple background;  the one in the top right corner is BLAH so it's going onto the back as well.  If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!~

My favorite flying geese ruler is now the Creative Grids one.  What do you use?

We went to Whole Foods on Saturday and I was hoping to purchase new sourdough starter since mine was tossed last month.  The store doesn't sell it but a woman overheard me asking someone and she offered to give me some of hers!  Really!  For a moment, I hesitated in light of Covid and our complete change of habits.  But I decided that I'd wear a mask and maybe meet her at Starbucks.

We met and she gave me the best smelling starter!  She even named it "Randy's Little Monster" since I guess hers grows like crazy!  I thought that was so kind of her.  My daughter thought I was INSANE to accept it, suspecting it might be poisoned or full of virus particles!  What kind of a world have we become?

My first loaves are rising as we speak. And hopefully the oven will kill the virus! ;-)

Hope everyone has a great week.  It's very chilly this morning in Central Oregon (down to about 19*) but it should warm up mid-week for a bit anyway.

Back to the stars!


  1. I get where you are coming from --BUT I also get where your daughter is coming from too...Truthfully, I don't think I could have accepted that gift these days...
    (I am too totally spooked) but the gesture was certainly wonderful..

    I like the idea of the neutral block alternates to your lovely appliques; I think this will be a lovely piece...hugs, Julierose

  2. I love the phrase on the selvage. So sweet ... and true. Even before covid I would have hesitated before saying yes, please, to the stranger. I mean, it has to bake for over 30 minutes. It's enough to kill any kind of germs even if her kitchen is not as clean as mine. We used to drink water from the hose, remember? We're tough generation, hahaha. Love your Sprigs and Stars. ;^)

  3. I do like your choice of backgrounds for the stars, Randy! The upper right one that you say is BLAH will look fine, in my opinion, once it is surrounded by red sprig blocks, same as the other two stars. Or are you hoping to find backgrounds that all have some type of geometric element?
    As to the starter, I can understand the concern, but I do think the oven will kill anything--and you are the same kind of person, offering kindness to strangers. I seem to recall a story of someone in a dry cleaners offering to mend someone's favorite pajama pants. Now who could that have been? ;)

  4. Sometimes our quilts need some blah blocks to make the stars shine brighter. Starter from a person I don't know? Umm... Maybe LAST year!!

  5. I think your sprigs and stars look great. I don't have any suggestions! That's great about the sourdough starter. A very human connection kind of happening and we need that these days! Yes that hot oven will kill anything!

  6. I love Bloc Loc Rulers. Perfect every time. I haven't seen any great salvedges.

  7. The red background for the blocks is WOW!
    Yes, I have noticed the interesting selvedge edges. Inspiring quotes on many. For those that use the selvedge edges in quilt making, quite a step up in interest when using them.

  8. Your new stars looks great with your red sprig blocks. Makes the brights pop. I love that you make friends wherever you go.
    I'm so jealous of your starter. I wish I could smell it baking. Sourdough is the best! My favorite is to toast a thick slice and spread it first with cream cheese then blackberry jam. Weird? maybe but I love it.

  9. Red Star Yeast website has an easy starter recipe for you sourdough. It makes an awesome loaf of bread. They also have lots of recipes. Hope this helps.

  10. I like the neutral backgrounds for the stats. It makes that design stand out more. I understand how hesitant people are feeling, but are we becoming so paranoid and isolated?

  11. I love how the sprigs and stars are looking! I think the lighter background is great and agree with eliminating the star with the purple background. The other one you are thinking of eliminating might fit in depending on what the rest of the stars look like, but I think brighter stars, like the 2 you are planning to keep, are the way to go. Look forward to seeing this develop!!

  12. I am guessing that you may not care for the one block, not because of the background, but because of the center. The other two blocks relate to your beautiful red applique. Try placing a square of a multi-color fabric over that center and see what you think. Balance will be achieved if you pull fabrics for the stars that are also in the applique.

    Just for fun, try a star with red points. I am so loving that applique on the red; it is lovely.

  13. I like the lighter background version of the stars blocks....and also the ones with the big florals for the center. The green center just doesn't "dance" as much as a big bright (sorta) fussy cut floral.
    Accepting a starter from a total stranger is something I would never trust (pandemic or not)...but, I think that's because I'm from NJ. I'm assuming folks in Oregon are a bit more neighborly? lol! ;-)

  14. Oh these blocks are so delicious! I love, love, love that red! And, as for the sourdough - I would only accept it if she made the bread too - wink! I haven't baked a loaf of bread in 20 years. Great to talk with you last night!