Sunday, January 3, 2021

A new year, with lots of hopes

 I am not generally one for near year's resolutions (mostly because I'd rarely get them done!) so I gave that up years ago.  I did read something yesterday written by Annie Lamott, whose writing I adore, which did motivate me to think about striving for one or two things I feel are important.  I'm not yet sure which things I'm going to focus on for the year.  What about you?  Do you make resolutions?

I'm really hoping that 2021 will bring about big changes from 2020, which proved to be such a difficult period for so many people for so many reasons.  I had to deal with my own mom's Covid 19 illness and my family's serious efforts to NOT get sick.  My husband and I (and our middle daughter) have been living in our home in Central Oregon since March 16.  I'm usually pretty vague on exact dates but that date is stuck in my mind!

As I look back on the year, I can say there have been some "pearls"--things that proved to be gifts, in my opinion.  One of course was that we got to have our daughter live with us.  Another was that I developed friendships with others in ways that we hadn't related before.  Living in our cabin in Central Oregon has been a real gift as well.  I walked so many miles that I wore out my tennis shoes!

On the down side, our dog Max died in early November. Since that time, we've gone round and round about whether to get a new dog.

Long story short, meet Zeke!  He is a 2 month old Golden Doodle.

He's supposed to be about 40 lbs but he's already larger than we expected.  So the breeder may have been a little off on her estimate.

The one exciting aspect of having this puppy is that he'll need to be with me in my sewing room (in a "playpen") during the day so my daughter can work remotely in our living room.  So, maybe I'll even get some sewing done!

I wish you all a wonderful 2021.  I hope everyone can leave the bad memories behind and that the vaccine will enable us to have some semblance of our old lives back.  I hope you can remain healthy and not overwhelmed or depressed.  Try to come out of the fog.  Try to look forward.  Be positive.

I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support, comments, ideas, help, love over this past year.  Blogging has proved to be one of those pearls this year.  I'd likely not feel as positive as I do without having had you in my life.

Much love to you.
ps:  I promise there will be a quilt posting any day!!  my December mini is due!


  1. Thank YOU, Randy, for helping ME get through this year. I've been isolating alone, with only brief masked visits from my daughter, and reading blogs has been my lifeline. Dot

  2. I enjoy your blog. Quilting and all the quilting bloggers and youtubers have made my year so much better than it would have been. Thanks. PS Your puppy is adorable.

  3. Thank you for these positive encouraging thoughts as we all start what will hopefully be a much better year. I agree with you that quilting and quilting blogs (I mean, the blogs themselves but really the people behind those blogs!) have been one of the brighter spots this past year. Most importantly though - congratulations on your puppy! Wowwwwww what a cutie!!!!! It will be so fun to see photos and updates of Zeke on your blog - I hope you will feature him regularly!!

  4. That header photo is so beautiful!
    Oh, Zeke is adorable. I want to play with him! :)
    A very hopeful, forward looking post. I hope we can get some semblance of normal back this year. And I am so grateful for blogging friends like you who have kept me sane!!

  5. Zeke is adorable! When we lived in Oregon I worked with a woman who breeds these dogs, and she and her husband later moved to a home on the same hill where we lived. Is your breeder's name Vicky? The puppies were so beautiful and fun-loving. We babysat one for a couple weeks when another friend went on vacation. Wishing you many years of laughter with your new little guy!

  6. I love your new baby!! Happy we go! Looking forward to a fun year!

  7. Puppies are bundles of energy and fun. I'm sure you are enjoying this little exuberant attention seeker. He's adorable and looks so obedient. As for resolutions, I prefer to call them challenges. I challenge myself to change my level of activity. I have to be active physical not just mentally. My work demands that I sit for long hours and so does my hobby. I need to get the heart pumping more. I hope 2021 will give us more changes to do outdoor activities. Here's to a greater year. All the best to you and yours. Health and fabric first and foremost. Enjoy! ;^)

  8. How cute!! Zeke is adorable! I'll enjoy seeing him grow and hearing about your adventures with him as he becomes part of your family. I'm sending you wishes for a new year full of health and happiness and everything good!

  9. Zeke it is! I love the name and he is so very adorable. Thanks for the upbeat post. We all need to breathe and hope that the new year will bring great things.

  10. Happy New Year to you! With Zeke at your side, all will be well. Take care and maybe someday we can get back together for a visit and some stitching.

  11. What a cutie addition to your family.

  12. Oh my! You are the third quilter who has a new Goldendoodle. I got mine after our dog, Molly, died on Labor Day. We debated what to do, and decided we couldn't be happy without a dog. Penny is now 4 months old and weighs in at 14 pounds. She was supposed to be a mini-goldendoodle, but I also think the breeder may have underestimated her final size. I have found that in the studio, she helps me keep things picked up. Especially my binding tails basket next to my machine. Have fun with your pup! To see Penny, visit my blog at

  13. Happy New Year Dear Friend!
    I'm so far behind on blogs these days I'm sorry I'm so late.
    Zeke is so so so adorable.!!
    I'm grateful we've become close friends this year and I look forward to next year along with you!