Tuesday, January 12, 2021

A little progress and a lot of growth!

 I'm working on Cecile and Corinne's challenge of doing a quilt with curves and had selected a very old UFO called 9-11 Quilt by Laundry Basket Quilts.  SOOOO labor intensive.  I did 4 more blocks this week:

Here's a little confession...I was doing this with a group of friends about 10 years ago and we had an Accuquilt die specially made for the quarter circles and the 4 "triangles" which are sewn to the center square.  I also had sewn a lot of the paper pieced sections so I had a head start.  I've got 12 blocks done.  I'm now back to paper piecing the sections again.

Now the quilt calls for 56 (!!) blocks.  I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get them all done, together and quilted by the deadline for Cecile's challenge so the quilt may  actually be smaller.  It needs sashing and I'm going to use stash but haven't decided yet which color.  Any suggestions?

As for sewing down the quarter circles, I'm still pretty challenged.  I will admit that I've been pressing the round edges over and then sewing them onto the paper pieced part by machine!  Sometimes I'll sew them like a drunkard's path (and I was inspired by Janet O's pinning about every half inch!).. that seems to make them a bit more accurate. What a concept--pinning!!

Keeping me company in my sewing room is my new companion.  He's growing fast and seems likely to be a bit larger than the promised weight of 45#s maximum. VBG.  It's unlikely he'll fit on the edge of the bookshelf and between shelves very much longer!

It's hard to be upset with this little guy getting potty trained.  He is only two months old and that face...!!!!

In another vein, here's a book recommendation for you:  It's called The Biggest Bluff.  It's about a journalist who decides to become a poker star.  The story is interesting but she makes so many statements that have nothing to do with poker.  For instance:
"Perception matters only insofar as you're using it strategically to shape your image for future actions"
"One of the keys to success, if not THE key, is objectivity.  And objectivity is a hard thing to come by"
"Great Kipling quote:  'if you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, treat those two impostors just the same..."

Stay safe!!


  1. What a beautiful array of blocks, Randy--Beautiful piecing on these--very impressive work!!
    Your little guy is just so adorable--you must be having many hugs fests with him:)))
    Hugs, Julierose

  2. Great progress on the blocks. Go girl! Don't sell yourself short. You can do 56 blocks in a jiffy. (VBG) Love Zeke's white toes. So adorable! Enjoy! ;^)

  3. The blocks are absolutely gorgeous and I hope you make your quilt the exact size you want! Equally gorgeous - your puppy Zeke, I mean, cuteness overload!

  4. The blocks are amazing. No one color idea jumps out at me for the sashing. I would have to audition a few options to get an idea of what would "fit".
    Pinning every half inch Randy? It is more like every quarter inch on the curved blocks I am making. They finish at 3" I believe, so there isn't much margin for error. :)
    Your sewing companion is just too adorable. I'd be tempted to just play with him and not get any sewing done.

  5. LOVE your blocks. I am so happy you are working on this for the quilt along.
    Zeke is such a cuddly cutie! i wish I pet him and cuddle him.
    Thanks for the book recommendation. I have it on my read next list

  6. Those blocks are simply amazing! So ambitious! And that little face is killing me. Such a sweetie pie!

  7. Thank you for your participation in this challenge Randy !
    Your blocks are beautiful and wow... ! It's going to be a terrific quilt !
    Your little dog is absolutely cute....

  8. Your blocks are beautiful and the curve piecing amazing. Keep going. Your pup is darling.

  9. Absolutely love those blocks for the sew along! They are really dynamic. Hard to offer a suggestion for sashing color - would have to see them right next to the blocks - but I'll bet lots of options would work. I look forward to seeing how this develops!

  10. Randy, I love your colors. I would consider a narrow border of the blacks and then a wider border of the lighter browns. I think the black would be a nice contrast and hold the blocks in. I would give it a try on the design wall. That is a great pattern that I will probably never try! But I love seeing it in others’ quilts.Carol in Texas

  11. Love your blocks so far--it's going to be a beautiful quilt. I hope you can find time to make the larger size. Your puppy is adorable--what a sweet sewing companion!

  12. Love your fabrics! Have fun with those viscous circles, and hug that sweet pup for me!

  13. Love your blocks. I have been wanting to make something like that. I think a sashing made of different fabrics would be really nice and continue the interesting fabric choices in the patchwork. Your puppy is absolutely adorable. He doesn’t look real!

  14. The curved blocks are great and very ambitious! They will make a wonderful quilt no matter the size! take care!