Sunday, August 29, 2021

A little quilt show and August mini

 Greetings my dear bloggers!  Hope you are enjoying these last weeks of summer.  Can't believe Labor Day is next week.

I was not able to get much sewing done but I did manage to make two cute washcloths for my grandkids in Virginia!  So I'm calling them my August minis!

One turned out way too large and I didn't care for the yarn.  The second one was getting much too big so I finished it and folded it over and closed the edges up!

This wound up looking Christmassy, which wasn't my plan.  My grandson loves red so that was what I saw when it was all wound up!

This second one is fun.
Both patterns are on Ravelry.  I am going to use the leftover yarn and whip up a couple of others before I leave Virginia.  My grandkids love playing with the washcloths I've knitted over the years.  I'm always the one giving baths to all the kids so knitting them washcloths is entirely appropriate!

Before I came to Virginia last week, I managed to stop by a very small cute quilt show and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Here were my favorites.  Some of the quilting was really well done; not in the sense that it was over-the-top at all!
I thought the piecing on this was really interesting.

This was one block from a quilt with 9 blocks.  I was very impressed with the quilting.

This modern little quilt was awesome and I took a close-up to show the quilting.

I think a closer look reveals that she changed her pattern for each part of the circles.

I also liked this version of a string quilt.  Very random but effective.

On another note, I love to read and just finished a book that I was sorry was over.  Know what I mean?  It's called The Rose Code by Kate Quinn.  Highly recommend it.

I'm flying back to Central Oregon next week where I'm hoping to get lots of kayaking done before the cool weather and fall sets in!  
Have a great week!


  1. Oh I love hand knitted washcloths! I am using some a dear friend of my mother made (they have both passed on) and I think of her every time I use one. I live in Charleston sc and will be traveling to NC and on to Williamsburg VA next month. I would love to find a quilt show to attend. I have tried to find info online but to no avail. How did you find the one you attended? Also hoping to find a couple fun quilt shops.

  2. Thanks for taking us along on the little quilt show. It's amazing how machine quilting has evolved over the years. Hand knitted washcloths are the best and remind me of my Grandma.

  3. What a super fun little quilt that gray and black mini!

  4. Yup! Those are minis in my book! I haven't done any knitting or crocheting in so many years I think I have forgotten how. So happy you are having kiddo time! Hope to chat soon!!

  5. I totally agree that your washcloths count as minis!!! Made by hand with love. Thanks for showing the quilts - I miss going to shows so much! September and October should be great kayaking weather - enjoy!!

  6. It's always inspiring to see a little quilt show. Cute improv washcloths. I bet your grands love them.

  7. cute washcloths! what a great nana you are. Enjoy your time in VA.
    What nice quilts and how nice to go to a quilt show!
    Thanks for the book recommendation!

  8. You are good to those grandkids, Randy! Hand knitted washcloths are a fun idea.
    Love a little quilt show--inspiration without a huge time commitment. Looks like you saw some well made quilts.

  9. It might look Christmassy but I love the first washcloth. It is so me! Haha! The second one is cheerful with its rainbow colours. Great job! I'll have to knit some too soon as my stash is getting low. Those mini quilts are amazing. These quilters have great talents. Thanks for sharing. ;^)

  10. hopefully the kids will have very fond memories of the wash cloths........

  11. I love making dishcloths too. I use this site as there are so many FREE easy to follow patterns.
    The have the alphabet, numbers, themed patterns and all FREE. I love them.