Sunday, August 15, 2021

More 6" blocks done

 It's mid-August already.  YIKES

I did finally finish the Sampler Spree blocks that were navy and I enjoyed all of them (I left out the boat, which really didn't speak to me).  I am being very liberal with my alternating colors since this quilt will have many colors.

I've  started the next week's blocks, which are supposed to be coral and purple.  I''m using lavenders and don't have many coral fabrics. Oh well.  I think I'm on week 7 and we are on week 9 already.  Just a little behind.

My granddaughter came to stay with us this weekend and she always enjoys playing with my pins and arranging them in a pin cushion!  This weekend she wanted to play with a variety of the pins and pin cushions and I am always amazed at her creativity.  She turns 9 on Tuesday.  She has been using my Shawnee glass collection this time.  She also seems to enjoy drawing donuts a lot!! ;-)

I went to the local Barnes & Noble bookstore on Friday and came across this adorable book which I really enjoyed reading.  It's a kid's book and I don't think my grandkids would necessarily enjoy it.  I certainly did.  I may have to go back and buy it!

Hope you are all enjoying the last part of summer!


  1. Sweet pin cushions. I can see why your granddaughter would have fun arranging all your pins.

  2. Your blocks are beautiful and these pincushions sooo sweet !!

  3. precious collection of pincushions.

  4. your blocks looks great - fun patterns. No boat? no way, ha ha
    what a lovely collection of pincushions. You'll have to tell me about the pottery.
    I love picture books. The author is a quilter. I used to read her blog. She also wrote a book on selvage quilts.