Sunday, February 6, 2022

What does exposed really mean?? And a GIVEAWAY

 I'm in a playful mood this weekend.  We were in Virginia, helping to care for our three young grandkids.  The middle son (only 2) was sick with a cold, fever, cough...yup--what would you think?  My daughter in law got him and the baby tested right before we left and only the baby tested positive.  So, we were exposed. YIKES!!  What to do? 

I honestly felt like a leper.  We flew back on Wednesday and I had to cancel my social events (always have to plan social events whenever possible!!) for the rest of the week and ISOLATE myself.  UGH.

We got ourselves tested just in case and both tested negative, but both my husband and I came down with horrible head colds.  I usually have a cold for maybe 24 hrs and then I'm good.  Not this time. I'm thinking that since I haven't had a cold in at least 3 years, my immunity was down.  

 We were hoping to see the other 3 grandkids this weekend but my daughter didn't want us to infect her kids with our cold germs. I get it.  They already were exposed to oldest grandson was positive a couple of weeks ago.  Oh well.  We got to catch up and get organized for our return up to Oregon tomorrow!

So I did get some sewing done this weekend. WOOHOO.  Trying to finish the appliqué blocks for the Céçile et Corinne sew along.  I have most of the pieced blocks done already.  I'm going to put them together into a quilt for the new baby in Virginia.  The pieced blocks are being made according to the Jessica Dayon sew along. Colors are purple and aqua!!

I have three other blocks prepped and plan to sew them on our drive tomorrow.  Coming along.  These blocks are from Jo Morton's Prairie Flowers Encore.

So, what does exposed really mean?  I'm feeling silly, so bear with me:

From my days as a Public Defender, we used that term frequently in cases involving my clients who may have exposed themselves.  Then there is the problem when printing photos and they are over-exposed.  Of course, there's the problem of being exposed to Covid.  My fireplace is surrounded by exposed bricks. When I am out on a lake, I am often exposed to lots of sun and wind.  In the political arena, there are a number of politicians (who will remain nameless) who have been exposed as dishonest. My grandkids are attending a Catholic school and are getting exposed to very rigorous academic standards.  Ronan Farrow from the New Yorker exposed Harvey Weinstein's misdeeds (putting it nicely). When the tide is out, there are huge rocks exposed at our beach in Hawaii. 

Have any other ideas??  I'll send out a giveaway pattern to a random winner if you submit another play on exposed.  Just respond by Friday Feb. 11th.

Have a great week! Enjoy the Olympics!


  1. To expose a film to the light for too little time will result in an underexposed photo. :^D
    Sorry to hear you were under the weather though. Did your hubby got it too? Hope you are both well soon. Eat plenty of soups. Even if it doesn't really help with the cold, it usually boosts the moral and that's always good. ;^)

  2. Just a slight slip of the tongue and the plot was exposed.
    The blockage was exposed with the use of a x-ray.
    The robber was exposed in his hiding spot by the dog barking, or by night vision goggles or his own sneeze or by his putrid garlic breath or even exposed his whereabouts by what he had stepped in. He couldn't remain hidden when he was holding a stolen glow-in-dark 3 foot statue and was emitting an eerie green light exposing his exact location.
    Exposure to culture or exposure to raidation.
    Well....this has been fun, exposing you to my weird thinking process.
    Hanging out with some dogs will expose you to fleas. And hanging out with criminals will expose you to censure.

  3. My husband had baby calves with icy ears last week after being exposed to the blowing snowstorm. All survived and no ears were lost.
    Hope you and your family are doing better.

  4. I have to remove the stickers from my cochlear implant batteries to expose them to air in order to activate them (zinc air batteries) before inserting them into my sound processors. That kind of exposure is critical in my life! Oh so sorry for your exposure. It might be wise to get tested again, just in case you tested too early (before it could be detected). I hope everyone’s recovery is uneventful.

  5. My husband was out shoveling without gloves and his exposed pinkie got frostbite, so I covered it with a bandage to keep it from being exposed any longer. Then I left to care for my granddaughter who we're trying to keep from being exposed from covid before her adenoid surgery in the 17th. They're voicing 75% of her airway and she's having 11 sleep apnea events an hour. She's not even 2 with sleep apnea! Hope you're feeling better!

  6. In the good old days we were exposed to chicken pox, measles, mumps, TB and of course the dreaded polio. Living on a farm we were constantly exposed to so many extra diseases like rabies. I often wonder how people survived being exposed to the dust in the dust bowl days. I barely survive being exposed to the nightly news and the commercials.

  7. Sharing on social media exposes me to all sorts of crazy comments. haha
    love your blocks and hope you are feeling better.

  8. Yikes! I'm way behind on blog reading! I adore your blocks. Those colors are sensational!!What a lucky baby she will be to get this one. I love your silliness. So clever! Exposed indeed. Sure hope all is o.k. for everyone now. Hope to chat next week.

  9. Gorgeous colors for your appliqué blocks.
    Wow, you really covered the spectrum with the use of "exposed". Hope you soon get over this cold!

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