Monday, January 31, 2022

January mini etc

 I have been busy--knitting-- rather than sewing.  I was preparing for our trip to help take care of our 3 grandkids in Virginia while my son does his marine reserve weekend.

I decided to knit hats for the kids.  I'm pretty sure I already showed you the pictures of the  2 Sesame Street hats.  My oldest, Eli, ripped off Elmo in about 2 minutes so that required surgery!

I finished the adorable baby hat for the 7 month old Leia.  And I'm calling that my January mini (I even cleared it with the "boss", Wendy...VBG).

My knitting skills really leave a lot to be desired and the baby's hat was too big and fit the boys whereas the boys' hats fit the baby.  :-(. I can't tell you how many sweaters I've knitted that are too short. I do enjoy knitting; I'm just not too great at it.  I will stick to scarves and washcloths I think!

Here are the 3 kids modeling their hats, temporarily anyway!

I did work on my first appliqué block for the Céçile challenge but I haven't pressed it so I'm not going to show you yet.  I sewed it on the plane to DC.  I'll share it once I'm back in California on Thursday.  I have done my pieced blocks already.  I prepped another block to sew on the plane going back to California.  Prepping appliqué work is always pretty time consuming!

Before I left, I was walking with some friends and took some pictures I thought were charming.  It was a foggy morning and the ducks were very happy!

Hope you're having a great week and staying healthy!



  1. Such cute monthly minis! Especially when worn by those cutie pies!

  2. Beautiful photo of the grandchildren. I'm sure they kept you busy. Great job on the hat. ;^)

  3. The picture of those three wee ones with the hats you made just exudes cuteness!!
    I have to say that all the fussy prep work of appliqué is a big reason why I don't do it.
    Love your hazy, foggy photos.

  4. Your hats look so cute on the kids! I'm afraid I am knitting challenged as well. I'm much better at washcloths and scarves than sweaters. I love the pictures of the fog, I've never seen a goose like that one on the left! The front one looks like a Canadian goose but wow I love the other one! Jan in MA

  5. Love the photo of the grandkids with their hats!! Your photos of the foggy, watery landscape really capture feelings of mystery and calm. Safe travels!

  6. Your grands look very cute in their new hats.

  7. Adorbs photo of the grands in their hats--super happy faces!!!

  8. The hats and kids are adorable!

  9. Such a cute mini and the models are soo gorgeous! Enjoy your time there.

  10. Ben's kids are so cute! What a bunch of punims! And the hats are cute too!

  11. Adorable g-kids with their hats! Appliqué takes a lot of prep but makes for good travel sewing.