Monday, January 3, 2022

Be careful of grandkids~

 Happy New Year to you all!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to a superb 2022.  I certainly am optimistic!

I mentioned last week that I am doing the Jessica Dayon mystery quilt, which has 6" blocks.  It initially started off with blocks every day but it's now slowing down.  I was able to make a few more blocks.  I'm doing them in aqua and purple, which is going to be a quilt for little Leia in Virginia.  Here are my blocks that I've made here in California (I left the others in Oregon)

I'm having fun with these blocks!

We had our grandkids stay over this weekend, and that was of course fabulous.  My 12 yr old grandson loves to sew and usually grabs scraps and just starts sewing.  This weekend, though, he decided it was time he tackled my Accuquilt and he found a die with rectangles.  I showed him how to do it and then left him.  This morning, I found the remnants of his playing with other fabrics and the die!

I think he ran out of time so didn't have a chance to sew them together but I thought it was so funny to see which fabrics he grabbed.  Mind you, they were no where near each other in my sewing room!  Asian fabric and batiks??

My 9 yr old granddaughter doesn't sew but she's very interested in art so she draws constantly.  This weekend we had a project we'd been planning--we made a ModPodge box using horse fabrics (she loves horses).  I need to figure out how to get the fabrics to be smooth (I tried sanding with wet sandpaper but that didn't work too well!)  Any experience with these things so you can help me perfect it??

Hope you're having a great first week of 2022.  Today is my mom's birthday and she's 94!!  Pretty amazing!  She's grateful to be alive, even living in a memory care facility!  

Take care!


  1. Nice blocks. Look forward to seeing what it looks like.
    Interesting mix with the grandson..... See what it turns into......

  2. Great that your grands are enjoying fabric too! I don’t have experience with it, but I would think after several coats of ModPodge, there would be enough built up that you could sand it smooth. If not, maybe after a few coats of ModPodge, then perhaps a few coats of polyurethane, sanding between coats? Probably easier to work with scrapbooking papers/ModPodge than fabric/ModPodge…..but of course I like fabric better, too.

  3. The teal and purple blocks will look very striking together!
    Not only did your grandson choose interesting fabric combinations, but he could use a little instruction on cutting to get the most out of the fabric. ;)
    I have never used Mod Podge with fabric, so I am no help. But I think it is great that your grandkids get these creative opportunities with you.
    Your Mom is incredible.

  4. Happy New Year!!
    How wonderful that they like to be in the sewing room and like to create.
    The fabric box is just great! I made one years ago. I'll send you a link.

  5. That's remarkable about your mother - fabulous. How wonderful to have grand kids who want to be creative in the sewing room and they are at great ages for individual creativity. That is so cute, your grand son's choices. I've only ever done mod podge with paper.

  6. How sweet that your grands enjoy being creative and exploring art. Happy Birthday to your mom. I did have to laugh at how your grandson cut out the rectangles. So typical for kids. :0)

  7. you are blessed to have those fun and artsy grands! my mom will be 95 next thankful we both still have them

  8. To flatten out freshly decoupaged fabric use the long side of an old credit card to get rid of bubbles under the fabric. Allow to dry. With the finest sandpaper gently sand the fully dry decoupage fabric edges to take care of fraying.