Thursday, January 20, 2022

Time for a cleaning

 I think it's a sign that it's time to clean out a drawer when you can't open it, right??  So when our "junk drawer" in the kitchen got stuck, I emptied it all out and found the culprit (a rice server was blocking the drawer).  Well, that motivated me to clean out another drawer... and guess what I discovered?  

25 spatulas!  And another 6 in another drawer!  YIKES.  off to the Goodwill!

As for sewing, I have been working on my Jessica Dayon blocks, slowly:  They're going to be purple and aqua!  I intend to make them into the baby's quilt once I have enough.  I'm also using them for Céçile's sew along, in case you are participating in that project.

I have been knitting a bit.  We are going to Virginia next week to visit our son and their kids.  So I decided to knit hats for the boys and one for the new baby girl.  So cute!  These were "kits" and you sew on the Sesame Street "heads" after they're done!  It's pretty cold there now so hopefully they'll love them!

And the baby girl hat isn't quite done yet but it's coming out really cute; love that the yarn is striping!

My biggest news, though, is that I had to have my gall bladder removed!  YIKES!  I have not had surgery since I had a c-section 34 yrs ago!  And that was it.  It was relatively easy and I'm recovering quickly!  I went for a walk today and have been taking my pain pills to avoid being uncomfortable.  I figure it could've been so much worse!  It's not life-threatening, right?

Anyway, that's my news for 2022.  More to follow, and hopefully more exciting!

Stay well!




  1. Pretty teal colored blocks.
    I didn't join Cecile this year, because appliqué was involved. :)
    Very fun little Sesame Street character hats! And that yarn is making a very pretty hat for the baby girl.
    Oh, sorry you had to have surgery, but glad to hear you are recovering well!

  2. Oh hope you are recuperating well! Love the knitted hats--i am still working on my socks--^_^ hugs, Julierose

  3. Nice spatula collection~ lol
    Your little blocks look wonderful - great piecing job.
    What cute hats :) The kids will love them.
    I'm so happy to hear you are doing well. Great News!

  4. Glad you're recuperating and feeling good. The grands will love their new winter hats. LOL love your spatula collection. I just broke my favorite one so I'm off to find a new one! Have a great trip.

  5. I hope you kept a few spatulas so you can still make some cookies for the grandchildren. :^D Love your blocks. Those fabrics are so beautiful. Sorry to hear about the surgery and I'm glad you are doing well. It's not life-threatening but it still hurts. Take care of yourself. ;^)

  6. Wishing you a very speedy recovery!

  7. had my gall out a very long time ago.......defineitely wasn't life threatening but I was pretty sore.....sounds like your doing great.....just don't over do it too hanging out washing......oh that took a couple of days to get was about 5 weeks post op.......
    lovely blocks......and I think you could eliminate a spatula or

  8. That is quite the collection of spatulas! Cute hats. I too have had my gall bladder out, I think it was 2017. I still need to avoid fatty foods, but otherwise I'm fine. Three tiny incisions in my belly and are hardly noticable in this old body.

  9. I'm dying to know how many spatulas you saved and how you decided, lol. Those are adorable Sesame Street hats. I had my gall bladder out a number of years ago. Glad you are recovering well!