Saturday, October 8, 2011

cooking fabric??

One of the wonderful things about being with quilters is there is always something new to learn. DarLynn was telling us about how she takes fabric and dips it in coffe (etc) and then bakes it in the over. WELL, that sounded too cool to me so we whipped up a concoction, consisting of coffee, tea, vanilla, red wine, and maybe something else.  Oh yeah, coffee grounds. It doesn't look too appetizing to me...

It looks like something a toddler would make. But seriously, the fabric came out great. What an amazing process!!

Here is a sample:

That was muslin, which you can see "uncooked" next to it and the finished product.  I used some shirtings as well and cut them up for my quilt. I LOVE how they look in the quilt.

I highly recommend the dipping. I'm not so sure about the baking, unless you want that burned look! VBG.  Still, it was an amazing experience. Thank you, DarLynn, for the ideas!!


  1. Certainly a step beyond tea-dyed! Very "aged" looking! How does it hold up to washing? Did you prewash before using it?

  2. I really like the way that fabric turned out. I eill have to try it when I need some aged looking backgrounds.

  3. I love the "burned look". Did it really happen in the oven?
    More hot? how long?
    I have tea dyed too light fabric and like the effect. Your results are beautiful!
    XOXOXOXO Subee