Friday, October 28, 2011

Only in Paris!!

I am finally over the jetlag and kind of caught up on my life.  I did finish the top I started in Wisconsin. It's a Lori Smith design, which I made totally scrappy.  I love it but wish it was bigger. Oh well.

I did promise more Paris pictures. I had to show you this picture I took walking by a cafe near our apartment. Dogs are very welcome in restaurants and cafes in Paris. This doggie may own the place, actually!! Note the basket of croissants on the counter. It was in the morning.

There was a small cafe where my husband and I enjoyed a cafe sitting outside watching the world go by. It's typical Paris!

I also promised to share more of Will's fabulous work.  Here are a couple; One is an irish chain she made. The story behind this is that she is hand quilting it (YES!!) for a friend and liked it so much she decided to copy it.

I think I told you she does amazing hand piecing. Here's an example of a small top she made...hexagons!

I hope she doesn't mind my sharing her quilts.

Anyway, we have our darling grandson this weekend so no sewing for me. Sorry I'm so late in posting this. I promise to be better!!
have a great weekend.


  1. Love that scrappy quilt you finished....great blog too!!!

  2. adorable hexie quilt. It looks like she appliqued it to a solid piece of great fabric. I do love a good outdoor cafe - weather here in NYS isn't conducive but I loved eating outside in Miami watching all the peeps walk by.

  3. Your scrappy quilt is beautiful! Love your Paris pictures. That is probably as close as I will ever get to going there.

  4. Your scrappy Lori Smith quilt is a beauty!!
    Love the visits to Paris--and Will's quilts!
    Have a great time with that grandson. : )

  5. Your scrappy pinwheel quilt is stunning! I'm adding it to my list of 'must make'! Thanks for the inspiration! I love it scrappy, too! How big is it? And could you add another round of the zig-zag hst's border that's on there now? Like a frame within a frame (does that make sense?) lol

    I don't think I could have left that corner cafe in great!

    And your friend's quilts are gorgeous! I love hexies and anything with an Irish chain theme! Double Yay!

    Have fun with your grandson!

  6. Your scrappy quilt is beautiful! Thanks for sharing a bit of Paris with us. Not sure I will ever see it for myself.

  7. beautiful quilt you just finished! I think b/c it's is so scrappy is what caught my eye while on Bonnie Hunter's blog and I saw it in her sidebar. :) Glad I clicked over to find you.

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie