Friday, October 14, 2011

Where in the world is Randy???

Hello my blogging friends
I've been quiet recently because I'm traveling and unable to upload pictures from my phone. But last night, during a period of sleeplessness, I had a brilliant idea to run a little contest for my friends to trynto figure out where I am. No fair entering if you are a personal friend or you were at the Wisconsin retreat and would have inside information.

Another rule: please submit your guesses to me by email so you don't spoil the fun for others:

Prizes? Oh of course! From my trip!

First clue: needed a passport
Second: English is not the first language
third: had to cross an ocean from California to get here
Fourth: (for the history buffs) city was conquered by the Romans in 55BC
Fifth: the food is fabulous;

Any ideas? More clues later! I fly home Sunday so we have to get this contest going!!!


  1. Since I have no guess, I'm definitely not going to spoil anything for anyone, so my comment here won't hurt. I just hope you are having a good time and will return safely. Probably aren't going to be hitting many quilt shops, are you?

  2. to venture a guess i'd say switzerland