Friday, November 18, 2011

It's almost Thanksgiving...holy ****

Hi all,
I can't believe where this month has gone. You can see what a lousy blogger I am...sorry.
I am currently up at our house in Sunriver (where we retreat in the summer) and I can tell you it's NOT summer anymore here. This was me early this morning:

Figuring out how to start the darn thing was quite a challenge. My husband doesn't arrive until tomorrow so it was my issue! there I was, manual in hand, gloves on, trying to get the darn thing started. But, TADA...women CAN run snowblowers afterall!

I picked up 2 quilts from the machine quilter who does most all my quilts, Sandy Lachowski.  The 2 quilts are related. The first one, Licorice Allsorts (which I've shown you) was made in July using 30s fabrics with a black background.

When I made this quilt, I made bonus triangles (Bonnie's method) and had lots of extra strips.  So I made strings (another Bonnie idea...where would I be without Bonnie, seriously??), used the leftover bonus triangles and set them like this.  I like how it turned out. And the cool thing is that the second quilt is made entirely from leftovers from the first!!

This is my first string quilt and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with it.  I didn't quite come out as I'd planned but it's good enough.

I'll be up in Sunriver all through the holiday and hope to get lots of sewing done this weekend, during which, I promise, I'll post pictures and do some blogging.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Are you doing the mystery, btw???


  1. You seem to be enjoying the same weather we are experiencing. We don't have much sidewalk here in the country, but we have long driveways. DH informed me tonight that the four-wheeler with the plow has a dead battery. He is out doing things the old fashioned way as I type.
    I love both of these quilts, especially how the black accentuates the 30s prints. It is so striking.
    I am watching Bonnie's mystery quilt. : ) I'll just wait for the book to come out. It would be sheer madness for me to think I could keep up with this and all of the holiday things to which I am committed. Are you going to be able to keep up? If so, lucky you!!

  2. These quilts are fabulous! Woohoo! And I love that the second one was entirely from scraps of the 1st! That's amazing! Love it! And, of course, we love Bonnie! She rocks! Way to go on getting the snowblower's not easy to pull that dang cord sometimes! I've wrenched my shoulder out more times than I can count on that, and the dang generator! Oy! But I guess that's the price we pay for a lovely winter wonderland, right? lol

  3. Forgot to add.....Awesome zig zag border on that first quilt! It's perfect! Yay!

  4. Using the snow blower looks like fun!! Not work at all:)
    Two more fantastic quilts!!

  5. Your strings are awesome. Love the second 'bonus' quilt. Great job.
    I hope that I don't have to use the snow blower too soon.
    Happy Holidays

  6. Hubby printed out starting instructions for our snow blower and they are stuck on the garage freezer with a magnet. But the darn thing is so big it pulls me along and I do not it under control. Also, our drive has a steep pitch and I cannot get the darn thing back up the driveway. I prefer to shovel the snow by hand thank you!
    XOXOXO Subee

  7. Hi, Randy. I've never commented before, but I stop by from time to time via the link on Bonnie's blog. I LOVE your 30's/black combo on these two gorgeous quilts. So different and unexpected vs. the usual white. I have a 30's quilt on the drawing board, lots of fabrics stacked and waiting, and I'm going to seriously consider using black instead of white as my background. Thanks for the inspiration.