Sunday, November 27, 2011

Great holiday

Thanks for all the suggestions on how to avoid repeating the pumpkin pie debacle. The truth is that the home-made replacement was probably much better than the soggy store-bought one (before it got soggy).

I didn't get much sewing done this week, with the family being here. I also have been known to hog the darling grandson ...  I did get a bunch of strings done for Bonnie's mystery. I'm doing yellow instead of her blues. I still have quite a ways to go, though, but what fun.

Did I ever mention that Ryan sleeps in my closet? We have a pack n play in our somewhat spacious closet and he has slept quite well in it since he was first born... I think he finds it cozy and comfortable. It occurred to me that I'd never photographed these sleeping arrangements so I took a picture the other night after he'd gone to bed. Adorable or what??

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, whatever you did. I head back to California tomorrow...have an 8 hr drive to cover the 530 miles...Just me and Max. Everyone either flew home or drove back already. My house is empty and I'll be happy to be back home in California.   Have a great Monday.


  1. Looks like you made a lot of progress on Bonnie's mystery. You sure have bunches of yellow scraps! It will be interesting to see how the different color choices come together.
    What a sweet little sleeper in your closet! They are always precious, but they look so angelic when they are sleeping!!

  2. I would really love to do Bonnie's mystery quilt, but I have too many other projects right now. I think I'll save the directions, though. I love your GS's sleeping arrangement! It looks very cozy!

  3. Your yellow strings are adorable!! Aren't they fun!? Glad you had a great holiday --

  4. Looks like Ryan is completely comfortable in the closet. What a great shot of him sleeping. Did he enjoy Thanksgiving?
    Your yellow strings are looking great. I am resisting this mystery since I still have not finished RRCB. LOL Very tempting tho....
    Have a safe trip home and happy stitching.

  5. Love your yellow crumb blocks. Having the baby sleep in the closet looks like the perfect arrangement. Your closet looks big enough to be a small bedroom.

  6. Mine are yellow also. Great job keeping up, and adorable grandson