Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pumpkin pie is.....

Greetings from snowy Sunriver! It's perfectly appropriate for Thanksgiving for it to snow here. And, mind you, I'm watching Wisconsin's weather, and it's NOT snowing!

I love pumpkin pie but I guess I can live without it this year. OMG. I bought a fancy pie at a bakery in Bend a few days ago and didn't have room in the refrigerator to keep it cool so I put it in a cooler with ice in the garage. Well, the ice  melted and the pie wound up sitting in ice water... Soggy pie was not what the founding fathers (or my family) had in mind for Thanksgiving. That was a big waste of $$$. And no pumpkin pie for the cool whip!!

So we're actually going to make a pie from scratch. Fortunately our local store here is open until 4.
Anybody else have some unforeseen calamity occur? As they say in France, c'est pas grave. Life goes on. And the important thing is everyone is together.  RIGHT??? VBG

Hope everyone had a good one!


  1. I'm so sorry your pie was ruined.....that stinks! Hopefully you were able to whip up a new one.....gotta have pie!

  2. This year everything went as planned, but one year we were having an early celebration (by a couple of days) and as we cut into the turkey it was still very pink! Still don't know why. I started cooking turkeys when I was 17 and I had never had that happen before. Luckily a local eatery was serving roast turkey for the week and we were able to purchase enough turkey slices and gravy to feed the gang--and our turkey went back in the oven!

  3. Not that it will help you now but I learned this trick from my mom. Save empty water bottles or the smaller coke plastic bottles. Rinse them, fill them with water, replace the screw on tops tightly and freeze. When you need to do keep something like your pumpkin pie cold, just sit it on top of a bunch of those frozen water bottles in the cooler. I didn't have room for my turkey to brine in my fridge so I put it in the brine, in a clean Rubbermaid bucket and stuck that in the ice chest with frozen water bottles around it. No mess!!

  4. OK, so, this second pie will have no calories, those stayed in the old one!
    Have a nice day,
    Love from Amsterdam, Irene

  5. Hope the second pie was delish. My Dad was in charge of the pie this year. He bought pumpkin, coconut cream, and mince. There were only 8 of us! I think he should be in charge of the pies all the time. LOL

  6. Sorry about your pumpkin pie. Yeah, I have left stuff in a cooler before. At least your pie didn't get mouldy and start growing something the biotech industry might be interested in.

    By the way, I heard the first thanksgiving was celebrated by Spanish explorers in Texas at San Elizario in 1598. Some people say perhaps even earlier, by Spanish explorers in Florida in 1565. It's amazing what you can find on Wikipedia. :)