Friday, December 2, 2011

Flashlights are invaluable

Did you read about the terrible wind storms California has suffered the past day or so?  Well, we lost our power almost all day yesterday because of the ridiculously high winds. Flashlights, candles and lanterns were the hot items in our house.  It was really frustrating because I had planned to get lots of sewing done, but NO electricity. Pine needles are about 6-8" deep!!

I thought you'd appreciate seeing a tree that fell across the road around the corner from me. I took this while maneuvering around it, in my car, so it's not a great picture. But now do you believe me??

I'm going to sew tonight, though, and hopefully this weekend. Got to get caught up on the mystery. And work on some little gifts I want to get done.

have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Yes, Randy, we saw those winds on the news and those winds extended all the way to Utah. We were not in the worst of it, but it was enough to send my husband to sleep in the basement where he can't hear it for two nights. Just an hour south of us it looks like your area--gusts of 80-100 mph. Our cupola roof blew off in a gust back in 1993 and ever since then DH is on edge when the wind blows hard. Glad you are okay. Hope you can get caught up on your sewing.

  2. My DD is still without power in east LA. It was crazy windy here the other day too.
    Glad you are safe and sound. Guess we all need treadle machines for power outages.
    Happy sewing