Monday, December 19, 2011

Mini retreat!!

Greetings from chilly Sunriver!! Did I mention that Lori, Claire and I were going to get together for a short retreat this week.  Claire and I drove up yesterday and Lori came over this afternoon (after we hit a couple of quilt shops in Bend first, of course).  We immediately went for a walk and you can see that we had a dusting of snow this morning. It's in the 30s with no snow on the ground, really.  It's still beautiful.

Claire and I sewed late into the night last night and I was busy working on my mystery. I finally got all the 5-1/2" string blocks done. They are all shades of purple. I had great fun doing them, although the pile of strips didn't seem to go down much.

I had to get my Ryan-fix before I left so my husband and I went to see my daughter's family on Saturday. Ryan turned 2 on Friday... Hard to believe.  Here he is in Golden Gate Park.

I will report in on our retreat progress. We are looking forward to having a great time (although it's not really complete with our Bonnie-girl, I'll tell ya!!). Have a great week.


  1. Look at those two lovely models in the latest winter attire! : )
    Oh, I love purple--in all its shades and glory. How gorgeous!
    Two is such a fun age--for the grandparents!
    Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish on your mini-retreat. I think I would be tempted to just play and chill.

  2. Oh I miss you guys too! I bet you are having a BALL!! I'll be sewing along with you virtually....that is after I get back from the dentist this morning to fix that tooth that the filling fell out of :c/

  3. Those purple strings are just fab! And you are making great progress. Have fun on the retreat.