Thursday, December 22, 2011

Toile be a happy camper!!

Our little retreat has been great fun. Lori cranks out the projects, making it look so easy. She brought her DJ quilt over to show us and it's very inspiring!! I don't know that I'd try to make the quilt but it is a stunner and she is rightly very proud of it.

I've moved on from the little mystery pieces to a project I wanted to make in Wisconsin but was stymied by the math. I figured it out, worked on it all day and VOILA--- finished.

This is made with a toile I'd bought in Paris when Bonnie and I went 2 years ago. I'd been looking for the right pattern to be able to utilize the gorgeous print. I mean, who wants to cut into this fabric?? Ultimately I cut the blocks down just a tiny bit. But, I'll tell ya: I barely had enough of the fabric left to go. I used a different blue for the little 9 patches but didn't bring more than a few strips with me so I was forced to cut into the leftover toile -- I used just about every single 1.75" square... I think I had about 3 or 4 little pieces leftover. NO SCRAPS left!!!

Today I'm playing with some orphan 4-patches which Lori and I configured into a simple setting. Hopefully I can show you that tomorrow.

It's been a fun week with my friends. We went for walks every afternoon when the temperature went all the way up into the 30s! We've been having 5* mornings, which is a little brisk when I've taken Max outside at 7 AM...

Hope everyone is having a great week.


  1. I bow to anyone who makes a Dear Jane quilt! Lori's is beautifully made.
    I love what you have done with the toile. It takes that nine patch to a whole new level! Were you holding your breath as you cut the last needed pieces--hoping it would all work out? It is a wonderful finish!
    I bought the last of a bolt once to finish the sashing on an odd colored quilt. It was the only fabric I could find that matched, in the color I wanted. If I didn't make a mistake it would barely be enough. Forget "measure twice, cut once". I must have measured 5 or 6 times AND held my breath while actually cutting. I knew there was a mistake waiting to happen. But it actually worked out and I could hardly believe it.

  2. Love it! And love seeing you guys having so much fun. Wish I could have been there..but's 65 degrees here in NC today --- I think I'll keep it!!


  3. I love the setting of your 9-patch piece! And the toile is gorgeous in it! So nice that there are so many large pieces so you can really see the toile print! Beautiful! And, of course, Lori's Jane is fabulous.....she has really made a stunner!

  4. Your toile nine patch is just beautiful. Perfect way to show off that lovely fabric.
    Lori's Dear Jane is aweome.
    You sure do sew up a storm on retreat. (A lovely fabric storm).