Sunday, March 29, 2015

Shopping excursion

No retreat time is complete without a quilt shop stop. The town of Spring Green has the most wonderful quilt shop called Country Sampler. I love their fabrics and the samples throughout.

This is in the basement so it's a little dark but still filled with treasures!

I think the quilt on the bed is a cheater-cloth but you can't tell!

This is what DarLynn finished:
She tried to convince me to make it too but fortunately someone else took the pattern home! It's adorable though. It's an old Quiltmaker pattern. 

This is a kit from Country Sampler using French General fabrics so of course I loved it!  Here are a couple of close ups of the blocks:

Someone was going to throw out (imagine that!!???) her extra hsts so they became mine:

They were 1-1/4" unf! Tiny!  And since I had nothing else to do (NOT!) I looked around for a pattern. Look what I made!

I bought that gold fabric at JJ Stitches and love it!

One of the women is a great embroiderer! Look at this Christmas green quilt:

The machine quilting was amazing too! A change of bobbin thread made a huge difference!

Back to sunny and warm California tomorrow!


  1. Wow, looks like a great group of quilters, I love the funky churn dash blocks, very creative way to make that block. Oh the green embroidery, so perfect for the holidays.....

  2. I LOVE your 3/4" HSTs--fabulous! And I love that yellow/cheddar too.

  3. What a great shop!
    Are you kiddin' me?!? Who throws out HSTs???
    Love your creation! Will it have more blocks?

  4. What a wonderful place with beautiful treasures in it !! Thank you for the photos...
    I love the blocks with gold fabric ! Too much cute ! :)

  5. I am on the mailing list for that shop and and would love to visit it one of these days.

  6. Looks like a wonderful (and unique) shop! Love your tiny HST blocks!

  7. What a wonderful and unique quilt shop! I love your tiny HST blocks. Good thing you saved them from the being thrown out. Imagine!