Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stars in a time warp

I started a little late (what else is new??!!) on this little sew a long but I'm enjoying it! Each week you need to make a 6" sawtooth star with a different theme. 

Of course I didn't read the instructions all the way through and made my first test block only to be stopped in my tracks by my dear friend Lori's asking about the theme I should've followed!!

Here's the non-themed block:
Note it wasn't the right size so it needed a little help on the sides! Good thing it didn't have a theme. It'll go on the back probably!

First month was turkey red:
Perfect size too!!

Second one was Prussian blue:
I Love this one!

Next was shirting prints:
That's my interpretation anyway!

The last one I've done is cheddar/orange:

There are probably 1 million different ways to do flying geese. My favorite is following the instructions by Open Gate. It's easy and accurate. Monique Dillard has a ruler and instructions that are easy to follow.

I think it is called "fit to be geese."

As of now I am only behind by four blocks so I'm going to be sewing  more sawtooth stars any day.  First I am off to go pick up my car which went in for an oil change and wound up needing  four new tires!


  1. I keep seeing everyone playing with the sew along........I am so tempted! Welcome to the new tires club! I just got some on my truck last month! $$$$$$$$$ that could have been spent on quilty things in my opinion! LOL

  2. Love the stars. Nice to know I'm not alone. My oil change last week cost $813 because my mechanic said I needed new tires!!! Ouch!!!

  3. I love everyone's stars, but I am refusing to cave (we'll see if that lasts). Especially like your shirting block.

  4. Bravo Randy and welcome in this wonderful challenge of stars ! I also make one star per color and I'm impatient to discover the fabric of the day !
    Good luck for the tires.....Uuuuh....very expensive !!!

  5. They look great! Your first block could also go in your orphan block quilt:)

  6. I caved, but I'm really enjoying the fabric/color lessons more than anything. Plus its a great way to work with colors that might not be your 'go to' choices.

  7. I personally love how well you follow directions...

  8. I've been making lots of stars, but not for this group or size. Mine finish at 4". I love your prussian blue fabric. I've never heard of that method of making FG. I use the no waste method and like it a lot.

  9. hmmmm, imagine that, you not reading all the directions. Love the stars

  10. hmmmm, imagine that, you not reading all the directions. Love the stars