Saturday, July 18, 2015

Still seeing quilt patterns

Even though I don't have access to my stash or machines, I'm still thinking of quilting. We went on a tour of Dresden and I noted this tile work in a plaza. I thought it reminded me of a border design. 

I love how the center square's tiles are on the diagonal as opposed to the rest that's mostly squared.  I don't know the  age since much of Dresden was rebuilt after the end of WWII. 

We also visited a castle and I saw this on the stairwell to the roof. 

We snuck a look inside another castle (well, I did since I professed ignorance of understanding the German sign telling people to stay out)!  This was the ceiling in the one room I was able to see. 

Love these stars!

There is a porcelain wall that depicts all the Dukes of Saxony. It really reminded me of toile!

Dresden is a beautiful city and we have enjoyed seeing where Julia grew up. 

My son Actually has had 3 weddings! They were legally married in Febrary so she could start the green card process. 
They had a wedding 2 weeks ago in Oregon at our new house, which was a wonderful weekend of activities with about 30 people. 

Then they had a wedding in Dresden for her German friends and family. It was held at a beautiful vineyard and it was a marathon day of ceremony, dancing , games and eating. We started the ceremony at 3 pm and didn't leave the facility until 1:00 am!! I guess that's typical for parties in Germany. I'm either too old or too American to keep up!!

Here are a few photos. 

These are in Germany. 

This was in Oregon. 

I'll be back Monday and am looking forward to my stash and machines and I getting to know each other again. It's been a long few weeks. 


  1. Mazel Tov!!! Sweet photos of the newly weds! How lucky they are to have such wonderful families to surround them and celebrate with them! Dresden looks amazing, another city for the 'list'! cheers!

  2. Such a beautiful couple!
    That is a LONG party! I would have needed a nap halfway through. : )
    Dresden looks like a wonderful place to visit.
    Have a safe journey home, Randy!

  3. Travel safely back home and when you get caught up with the jet lag share some of your projects ... always love seeing your work. LOVED the "quilt" pictures from Dresden ;-) Lovely, lovely couple! Linda