Tuesday, July 14, 2015

So many machines

My son had his wedding at our new house in Oregon on July 3 and it has been a whirlwind of activities for weeks, trying to get the house finished as well as preparing for 30+ people at the house over several days. I was exhausted. 

But that wasn't the end. Julia is from Dresden, Germany, and her extended family wasn't able to come to the U.S. So they planned a wedding in Germany as well. That's going to take place on Friday. My husband and I decided to take a few days before and enjoy some time in Paris, so that's where I am now. The weather has been perfect and we are excited to experience the French Independence Day tomorrow. 
We've been wandering the streets, as we love to do and came across this display in a clothing store. I love the fact that you can see the Paris architecture in the glass reflection. There are a ton of hand crank sewing machines just sitting in these windows. Such a waste!!

And for just a little tourism, here is a shot of Notre Dame, a most beautiful church in Paris!

From the side it's equally breathtaking!

Here we are, enjoying a snack at a little cafe:

We had our grandkids the past week as well while my daughter moved, so it was great fun as always! I'm not posting lots of pictures but I finally got one of all 3 darlings, playing in a dirt pile!! It's my low-tech entertainment!!

I'll post pictures of the bride and groom  after Friday. She wanted to wait until then so that everyone would have seen her dress already. I won't be back home until the 20th. My machine is patiently awaiting my return!!


  1. Oh how wonderful to get a little down time before the "second" wedding. Enjoy your time together. I have found that my machine has more patience than I do and can wait quite a long time for my return!

  2. Who needs a machine when you can have Paris?!?
    Love the photo of you and your hubby.
    And kids that age are usually thrilled to be allowed in a pile of dirt! : )
    A waste, indeed! I have so wanted a handcrank and there they have a whole window full just for your viewing pleasure.

  3. Enjoy your holidays in Paris !! Did you see the military parade yesterday ?
    Hugs Randy !! :)

  4. randy, that was a lovely post. perfect! you will be missed in wisconsin this weekend, though i think you have the better deal. love, d

  5. What a busy summer you are having! I love Paris - the architecture just amazes me. Are there still lots of beggars outside of Notre Dame? They were fighting with each other when we were there - quite the memory - lol! Love all of the sewing machines.

  6. Enjoy your trip and the beauty of your family expanding ;-) Hopes for nice weather and THANK YOU for sharing the pictures. Love the one of you and the hubby having a little "repast" while in Paris ... picture perfect!! Linda

  7. Hey Randy, probably most people don't know that when you were in the Peace Corp you owned one of these little hand cranked beauties, thus the comment about the waste of them just sitting in the window?!
    Great pix, and nice to see you and Mark out and about! Have fun at the wedding! cheers, cw

  8. That must be an All Saints store. I have seen people posting pictures of these stores on F/B from time to time and just thrilled with them, but I'm thinking " no one will ever get to use those machines again" it's not thrilling it is a waste of a resource. Enjoy your time and congratulations.