Monday, June 29, 2015

Binding frenzy

I usually try to sell a few quilts at the Sisters quilt show in July and always find myself frantically trying to finish up in time. This year is even more crazy because I've been also trying to get our new house in Sunriver ready for my son's wedding on Friday. 

This is the last quilt I finished and I'm running into Sisters to drop them all off. 

Note Max is very comfy!!

I think this is my favorite and maybe it won't sell!!

This was a vintage top I got a few years ago. I love it, too!
This was from a swap many years ago. 

Don't know that I'll get much sewing done in the next few weeks. We are having all the festivities at our house all week. We head back home next week before flying to Germany for the second half of the wedding! First year I'll be missing my quilting friends sewing at my house before the show... Oh we'll do it next year for sure.   

I'll keep in touch!


  1. That is a lot of binding. Are you doing it by hand or machine?
    I would be surprised if that favorite quilt of yours doesn't sell, Randy. It is lovely--but they all are!
    Sounds like a crazy busy time for you. Hope you get to take a few deep breaths somewhere in the midst of it all!

  2. Binding blitz!!!! Love your quilts!!

  3. Oh, they are all beautiful! Good luck with the selling and Happy Wedding!

  4. nice quilts and i agree the pinwheel is my fave aswell...

  5. Nice job! I think I like the top one the best. I'll keep my eye out for them on quilt show day.

  6. Very nice! And very busy! Having a wedding is no small task. Just wondering if you have had good luck selling quilts at Sisters. I may want to do that at some point. Not this year, though.

  7. I Love the Economy Square quilt too. I am hoping to get there for the 40th Anniversary of Sister's. Congrats on the Wedding. You will be busy!

  8. Quilts are beautiful but you do such great work! Best wishes to the young couple ... many years of happiness together ;-) Enjoy the trip to Germany ... one of our favorite countries. Trying to talk hubby into one of those Viking River cruises through Germany, etc. for our 20th anniversary ... it will take me about 3 years so I'm right on schedule ... LOL Linda

  9. I don't receive your post I'm late !
    Good luck for the show and for Friday ! Your quilts are all beautiful !!

  10. Hoping your pinky is back to normal! These quilts are so delicious! i love all of them, and hope to attend Sisters one day!

  11. Lovely lot of quilts you have there. Good luck with the wedding. Hope the sun shines on the day and for each day of their life together thereafter.