Monday, June 8, 2015

Quiltworks June show

The wonderful lqs in Bend, Quiltworks, changes their gallery every month. I'm in Bend for a few days this week and was eager to see the show!

The featured quilter is Grace Grinnell who does more artsy things, which are quite interesting.  

I love the colors on this one!

Across the room is a display of the traveling Notable Women Quilt Initiative. 

These quilts are extremely interesting. 

I loved this one!

I don't know who is choose to depict in a quilt. Assuming I could even do it. Who would you pick??


  1. These art quilts are sensational! Such talent. I'd have to pick Terry Tempest Williams, an environmentalist, naturalist, and author of high acclaim. She is very colorful and woild be a perfect subject for something like this. Hmmm, something to think about!

  2. Fantastic quilts. I agree that it would be difficult to choose one woman to honor, but since it can be someone still living, I would have to chose Temple Grandin for helping to bring autism awareness to light. Thanks for sharing these great quilts.

  3. Wonderful quilt and thank you for the photos, Randy. Josephine Baker was very talented in her job, but she was a very sweet woman and mom : she had adopted several children and then, saved their lifes.

  4. Grace makes some interesting quilts! I read your post yesterday, and have been trying to think of a notable woman I would make a quilt about. The only women I could come up with were my daughter and my Mom.