Friday, June 12, 2015

Finished baby quilt

I worked feverishly to finish the baby quilt for a friend's new granddaughter. They have a place in Hawaii so I wanted to use a Hawaiian theme. 

There was the suggestion that I add an inner pink border (because that's what I got from Debbie's stash) but I thought the pink border by itself was perfect. The leis kind of flow! 

We are retreating at an amazing place in Browntown, Wisconsin situated on 22 acres in a 4,000 sq foot log cabin, complete with swimming pool, hot tub, sauna and a wonderful sewing area. It's called Prairie Star Retreat and it's just wonderful. There's a wrap around porch with rocking chairs. Now if it would just stop raining we could go outside!! I know, this California girl isn't complaining at all!!

View out the side 

Gazebo by the pool

Back of the house 


Peggy and Bonnie are working on their cheddar delight quilts!

Terri and DarLynn

This is a retreat made in heaven. There are 12 of us, all women I've come to know and love here in Wisconsin so I'm wishing the time would slow down!!  Life's good and I feel very lucky!


  1. Very pretty tropical baby quilt! The border fabric is beautiful.
    Wow--what a place to retreat! I'm sure the time is flying much too quickly.
    Love the Cheddar Delight quilts. : )

  2. This pink border is so perfect and the quilt is too much cute !
    Enjoy your quilt retreat.....what a wonderful place !
    Hugs !

  3. OOOOOh, Randy that is soooo cute, so different than you recent palette! Bright colors so of course I like it!!! And what a great retreat spot! Say hello to everyone for me, Cheers!