Thursday, June 18, 2015

The consequences of being stupid

I always try really hard to make good decisions and not do anything stupid. Usually I'm successful but yesterday I failed miserably!
I've had Emma and Ryan all week and I was trying to coax Emma back into the house with the front door open. Max bolted out the door and I tried to grab his tail to stop him since he doesn't easily come back. 
Unfortunately I fell onto my left hand and it turned purple pretty quickly. I figured it'd be fine especially since I had the kids.
Nice idea. 
But I awoke to my hand completely swollen and still purple so I'm off the the dr afterall. Kids are being picked up and returned to my house until I get back. I was hoping to do some sewing during nap time but now I'm but so sure!

 Morale of the story is don't make stupid decisions!!


  1. bummer....hope it doesn't hinder sewing...

  2. Ouch! Really bruised--let's hope its just bruised. Haven't we all made unwise choices?

  3. That looks awful, I hope it's not broken!

  4. Hoping it is only bruised. It only takes a momentary lapse for stupid stuff to happen. Sending healing vibes your way

  5. Doesn't look good. Hope nothing is broken.

  6. Ouch!!! Sorry to read about your boo boo! I hope you mend quickly.
    Love the quilt top from youe last post The lighter colors work just as well as the light?! take care, cw