Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sewing room additions

I finally had a chance to shop for my new sewing room in our Oregon cabin. A good friend from Wisconsin was in Portland so I took a day trip to see her and we ran over to Ikea. She is a great shopper!! "Buy this" or "You have to get this" came from Bonnie McQueen's mouth every time we turned a corner!! She was actually a tremendous help in figuring out which table to get. 

First addition was a new machine, courtesy of shopper extraordinaire Debbie Dodge who negotiated a killer price for 17 of us to score this beauty!! It's a Juki model 2010Q. I'm serious! She got 17 of us to buy the machine just because she got one and insisted that we all had to have one too!

I must admit I was skeptical at first but this machine sews beautifully!!  I even put on bindings for 3 quilts which have been patiently awaiting attention!

Now for the Ikea purchase:
New table to sew on:

Notice the cabinet to the left side?? Perfect to hold everything I'll need to sew. 

I also got a chair:

So I'm almost set. I'm waiting for the cutting table to arrive from North Carolina!

I'll have to wait until January or February for that, though. 

I'm busy sewing my sawtooth stars for the swap. I'll post photos tomorrow. 


  1. You're almost all set! Nice machine and table!

  2. Lovely setting up for you...great! Hugs, Julierose

  3. What do you like about your new sewing machine? I am always curious about why a person close a particular machine as there are so many options.

  4. Wow....did you ever have a great shopping trip. Great machine.

  5. I believe Lisa Bongean swears by that kind of Juki machine.
    Looks like Ikea served you well. One day I'm going to get to that store. The nearest one is a couple of hours away on busy freeway and I haven't been able to bring myself to go.
    Oh, I am drooling over your cutting table!!! That is splendid!

  6. My SIL uses only Juki's..she sews for a living..mostly sports teams uniforms.
    I wish we had an Ikea up here in New England..never seen one.
    That is one Beautiful Cutting Table!!....Oh, I'm ready to quilt my Sew Along!.Thank you for the block patterns!..I used all CW fabrics.
    Happy Thanksgiving Randy

  7. Great stuff! We live near Portland (40 miles) and have never been to Ikea. One of these days I do want to go. I've heard the Juki machine is great for quilting.

  8. Your machine is beautiful ! Does she quilt ?
    Great purchases too.... Wonderful Ikéa !! :))

  9. Love, love, love your cutting table. Where did you find that? Too pretty to cover up!!

  10. I hope you aren't too sore tomorrow from the snowshoeing.....falling is not fun! Looks like a very happy Thanksgiving :0)
    Happy Sewing on your new machine :0)

  11. soo blessed to have such an inviting place to sew!