Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stars for a swap

I'm not sure how many blocks are going to be exchanged in the upcoming swap, so I made a bunch. They are so easy and fun!!

Then I started working in putting together blocks that a friend gifted me in Wisconsin. It needs a few more but she did most of the work! 

I'm Hoping to get it done before I head home on Monday. I'm also hoping to get my bindings sewn down too. Optimistic. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!!


  1. I loved making these!! Loved them so much that when I had to return a Deb Tucker Wing Clipper ruler to a friend I went out and purchased one for myself. It made everything SO easy and perfect! Linda

  2. Great stars. I really like your fabric combos.
    If you are going to accomplish all of your goals before going home, you must not be planning on sleeping. : )

  3. Finally (finally) finished my star quilt. After all these stars am going to give myself a rest from stars.

  4. Your stars look great and I have made a set of 6 for you too !! :)
    We have to choose one day for the meeting in Paris ! I invited a friend because she knows Paris by heart and me no ! I hope it doesn't disturb you.....
    Please give me your dates in France !!
    Hugs !

  5. Can't wait to see your version of Angel Food :)