Friday, December 4, 2015

Beware of scam

This is a new one. I got a Facebook message ostensibly from an old friend yesterday. She was chatty and then told me about having won $40,000. So far it seemed somewhat legit although she didn't answer my questions about her life. 

Then she told me that my name was included on a list she saw and I needed to click on a link she sent to contact a woman. Starting to be pretty suspicious!! Bring the lawyer I am, I proceeded to ask questions!! She kept pressing me to click on the link. 

By this time (maybe 2-3 minutes into it), I just ignored the whole thing. Last night it dawned on me that she must've been hacked. Hey, I don't miss much!!  Vbg 

I went to show it to my husband today and Facebook had removed the entire conversation saying it was suspicious or spam. 

So the lesson is that even though the contact seemed to come from someone I knew, it was a scam through Facebook messenger.  Pretty weird!! I'm relieved I didn't fall for it but the scammers are getting pretty devious!

Have any scam stories to share?? I'll send a gift next week to the best story 


  1. Thank you for sharing--always wise to be mindful of scams and hacking

  2. The dad of one of my friends at work mortgaged his house for 80,000 dollars to send to someone in Africa who told him he had won a million dollars. They told him they needed this money to pay the taxes and other costs so they could send him a check. Since this did not happen overnight her father got on a first name basis with the scammer and started to think of him as a friend. When my friend and co- worker finally became aware of it she and a FBI agent could not convince him the man was not his friend and that he was not getting the million dollars. He lost 80,000 dollars and blamed his daughter for making his friend mad. Very sad.

  3. Well, as it happens, my ebay account was hacked today. Someone was selling some kind of XBOX 1 year membership using my account. I happened to be on my email when one came in with a question regarding said item. I immediately called ebay and thought I had it all cleared up. It totally upset my day and was right before leaving for a doctor appointment. I got to the doctor appointment to find he was running 1 1/2 hrs. behind:( After finally getting out of his office I had lunch with my daughter who was alarmed by my story and was going home to look at her account. When I came home I first checkd my email again where I had a notice from ebay resolution center telling me to settle this claim. The person wanted their money back. No way was I sending anyone any money. So I called ebay again and after speaking to three different people I was told it had been resolved. I later got an email from ebay saying they were refunding the person $924.63 for an item that was posted as $24.99. Seriously, this has ruined my whole day and evening! I hope ebay had resolved it and I hear no more about it. I tried to go on ebay to cancel my account because I am so fed up but couldn't get in to it! I really don't understand how people can do this to other people! What a world we live in......

  4. Our local newspaper had an article about the exact same thing that happened to you! A message from someone's aunt. Etc etc

  5. Just one more reason to ignore most of the things on Facebook. I still can't get the hang of it so I only use it to stay in touch with quilt friends who don't blog and my family living away. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. I got an email supposedly from PayPal saying there was a problem and my account could be suspended if I didn't do something about it. I didn't click on the link. I have used Paypal a number of times since then, so I'm pretty sure it was just a scam.