Monday, December 28, 2015

Thimble Envy

My Wisconsin friends have a fun holiday swap each year. This year's project was a little doll quilt which I've been working on for weeks. I had a great plan to make a little thimble top using a very small Primitive Gatherings template. 
This is the template:

This is one small thing!!
Sadly for me, the rows went together great. Putting the rows together was another story!!

When I went to sew the rows together, they wouldn't line up well.  Grrrrrrr

I wasn't going to continue to work on this so I needed another plan for a little quilt!  I scoured my books and settled on something from a book I've loved since day one! Any Wisconsin friends reading this should not continue reading. This is supposed to be a surprise!!

I did a smaller version of one of the quilts and I am happy with the finished product. 

The binding is a light blue. Hopefully it'll make one of my friends very happy 

In between working on this, I was playing with tiny postage stamp pieces which were a gift from Wendy Reed. I love this little top. I'd have used it for the holiday doll quilt, but it is too small. I'll have to keep it!!! Vbg

My dh and I brought our two grandsons with us last weekend to our Oregon hideaway and we had lots of fun with them in the snow. 

My daughter is raising her kids Catholic and we, as you know, are Jewish. I've been explaining this to Ryan (now 6) but he has a tough time understanding. Not entirely, though!
 He did tell me that since Santa wasn't going to be coming to our house, I didn't have to be nice!!

That kept me laughing!!

For those of you who didn't have a white Christmas, here is a look out our windows!

And Max loves to bury his face in the snow:

Here is nearby Mt Bachelor 

Happy holidays to you all!!


  1. You have my sympathy on the frustration with the Thimbles top. It would be adorable when finished and I hope you persevere with it. Love the little quilt you ended up making for the exchange. Your grandkids are adorable! You have a lovely view, but I'll gladly let you keep all the snow there. :-)

  2. Your home and surroundings are GORGEOUS ... but I have always loved Oregon! The grands are absolutely adorable ... what a joy they bring in so many ways. My nephew was given his mother's maiden name as his first name ... when he was about 4 or 5 and we were trying to explain to him why his first name was like my LAST name he would just turn his head to the side and give me the most puzzled look. He's 28 now ... and gets it ... LOL Happiest of New Years to you ... all the blessings and joys of the coming year to you and yours. Linda

  3. Oh, don't give up on your thimble quilt! It just needs a little more love and attention. Send it to me and I will fix it.
    The little quilt you did finish is beautiful! I love that book, but have yet to make anything from it.
    Your grandsons look happy to be out in that beautiful snow--your surroundings are gorgeous!
    Lucky you, your grandson has given you license to be bad. : )

  4. If you sew your tumbling blocks 2 by 2 maybe, you will succeed ! Don't give up and show us your progress !
    I loooove your two others little quilts ! They are beautiful !
    And I laughed a lot with your grandkids ! They are very nice !!

  5. I think the thimble top looks great. I bet you could block it and make it nice and square! And as Gwen would say what ever's left on the edges just "wack it off!" The other tops are really cute too! And your G-kids are soooo cute in their snow suits! How beautiful everything looks! Happy New Year! cheers!

  6. Love the tumbler and it is tiny--one day I may brave it and give it a go

  7. What a gorgeous view!!!! I'm glad you are getting lots of snow in the mountains. We even had snow flakes on Sunday in the Willamette Valley. Your doll quilts are adorable.

  8. I refuse to do the thimble quilts any more!

  9. Wow you don't have to be nice anymore Nana..
    DH and I had a great laugh over his reasoning.
    I hope you let him know you will always be nice to him because you LOVE him.
    Happy 2016, enjoy every minute with those grands!