Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Quilts for sale

Will in Paris has a friend, Charles, who is quite the quilt collector. Last year I was lucky enough to be in Paris for the weekend he was having his show/sale in his apartment. 

It just so happened that my trip this year coincided with the show/sale again!  So after a yummy French lunch of a sandwich and dessert, we jumped on to the metro and hiked the rest of the way to Charles' most remarkable apartment. 
A little bit of background: space in Paris is at a premium!  Apartments are generally postage-stamp sized. Not this one!! Frequently there is no elevator but not in this building. Beautifully restored lobby with lift!!

He has several rooms and puts his quilts everywhere. Even the piles are impressive!!

The solid fabric in this Ohio star was fabulous! I think this was one of my favorites:
Large apples in an ocean waves quilt?? Fantastic!

Can you see the tiny quarter square triangles on the table? I'll bet they finished at 1-1/2"!  I didn't feel right about measuring!! Vbg.  Spectacular !

More piles!

I loved both of these although Will thought the hexie quilt was here last year. Still fabulous!

Can you see the postage stamp quilt on the left? Will and I did examine the squares and both thought they were less than an inch!!

Cute homespuns

Isn't this cute?


Simple flying geese. Note the stains on this top!  Many of these tops were from the 1800s and had clearly never been laundered!

This little top was precious. Pillow case sized 
I loved this one, too. Note how the center is planned whereas the rest is random. Here's a closer look:

I may try this!

I thought this looked like a pineapple quilt but Charles disagreed, pointing out the flying geese corners. 

His view is not shabby!!

My dh and I then left Paris to go to a small medieval town for wine tasting and touring!! This is Beaune!

More follows!


  1. OMG ! OMG !!! Did you buy anything ?

  2. Thank you for such a great tour-- I could spend days going through those piles! There are so many beauties there!

  3. I am at a loss for words over those quilts, the apartment, the view ... just everything ... and for those who know me THAT is amazing in and of itself!! Thank you for sharing with us ... WHAT a treat! Makes me want to go and sew something .... NOW!!! Linda

  4. Wow, I don't think I could have dragged myself away from his place. I would have had to sleep on one of those piles of quilts. : )
    Did you ship anything home?
    I remember when you went to his sale last year and posted about it. Where does he find all of these quilts?

  5. WOW! I am floored. Too many beauties, too many oohs and aahs, I am in overload mode lol. How many quilts does he have, do you know? Amazing! Just AMMMAAAAZZZING! Thanks for sharing. Got to back at the top and look again. vbg.

  6. Oh the suspense is killing me, WHAT did you bring/ship home? How could you leave there, it is such a treasure trove of inspiration!

  7. Love the postage stamp dark center. The maker must have thought, "Too boring" I'll mix it up! LOL Are a lot of these American quilts?

  8. Oh Randy it looks like you are having a wonderful time. Love his collection of quilts, you are one lucky lady to be seeing them first hand. Bring us back a lot of inspiration.

  9. What a feast for the eyes! How do I wangle an invite to that party?! MAYBE I COULD BRING SOME QUILTS TO TRADE?! Thanks for the wonderful pix! I will revisit this post several times to soak in the elegance! Love the apples in the waves quilt, quite unusual for that block?! Have fun in the Middle ages! cheers, cw