Monday, June 19, 2017

And the winner is.....

JANE!!  Please send me your address (

Thanks to everyone who commented and wanted some scraps.  I Loved everyone's comments.  I think using someone else's scraps is always so exciting!!  I am also sending packages out to a couple of other people, who know already.

I have done a little sewing this past week.  I did get the first block of the Summer Block of the Week done...  It's a little disappointing to me (in all honesty) that they did not include the two little triangle papers for the outside borders.  And they also didn't include enough fabric for the strips (I  of course have plenty.  But not everyone does).  And, to top it off, the fabric for the second week's freebie was insufficient (one piece was too small).  I honestly think that if you're charging people, the kits should be right.  This is probably the last time I will do their summer sew alongs.  Anyway, it's an adorable block and I think the quilt will be wonderful!

And I did two more triangle gathering blocks:

And, the best news is that I finished Part 1 of the Mountmellick quilt I've been working on!  WOOHOO!!

Here's a close up of one corner:

I was able to find the border stripe fabric from Cyndi at Busy Thimble in Maine (thanks so much, Cyndi!  Can't wait to get back to the shop next month!!).  Isn't it wonderful?  The rest of the fabrics are just from my stash; although the bird in the center was cut from some wonderful fabric that Will in Paris gave me.  She has such wonderful taste in fabric.  I always cherish her choices.

I love giveaways!  I love all the comments!  Thank you again for your interest!


  1. Really cute little block--that is a lot of piecing to border that little wool flower. : )
    Your fabrics for the Triangle Gatherings are so fresh and happy looking.
    Congrats on completion of Mountmellick part 1. That is quite an undertaking.

  2. Those triangle blocks are really great and that is a fabulous border fabric.

  3. Your Mount Mellick piece is so pretty!
    I agree about kits. Should be enough. Your piece is scrappy enough that pulling from stash worked. Might not be in other circumstances.

  4. the Mountmellick project is lovely though so different from the Mountmellick I have known in the past having seem it only done in white this is so much more colourful.
    The triangles are coming along well too

  5. Wow Randy, you've been really busy! That first block is really cute. To bad the kit was not complete but you managed very nicely! And I'm just loving those Triangle gatherings blocks. That yellow fabric in the first one is a real blast from the past! I think we both bought some of that fab that time we went to Sisters for that class with Roberta Horton?!
    Amd your Mountmelick center is Fantastic! Wisj I had the patiemce to do something like that!

  6. Lovely progresses :-) The Mountmellick is particularly wonderful with that border fabric. My attention perked reading that it came from the shop in Maine. ( I love Maine :-) and you get to go again next month? I'm envious. Maine in the summer is beautiful!

  7. Woohoo is right! Your Mountmellick is sensational. It makes me want to start one - yikes! I'm sorry about the fabric shortage in your Summer Block kits. I love this block anyway!

  8. Your center for Mountmellick is beautiful. It's a challenging quilt pattern, but so lovely when it's finished. Glad you found the border fabric. Sorry about the shortage of fabric in your kits. I've had that experience too.

  9. Congratulations to Jane !
    Your Mountmellick is awesome ! Yessss !

  10. Your little block is so cute! And your medallion quilt is top is lovely. The border fabric is perfect for it. All the fabrics are perfect.