Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June's quilt show at Quilt Works

I drove up to the cabin in Oregon this week (getting ready for quilt show and some retreat time!) and had to run over to Quilt Works to see their June quilt show.  It did not disappoint.  

The main show was focused on the featured quilter, Jean Mays.  Jean does the most beautiful appliqué!  Of course, her pieced quilts are pretty gorgeous as well.  She does her own hand quilting and you can see in many of these quilts the quality of her sewing! (and her tiny stitches!)

Piece o' Cake makes the best patterns!

Love the colors.  So sweet!

Same basket but different flowers.  GREAT idea!

This was folded so this was all I could see.

Love this setting.  I have never met a feathered star I didn't love, anyway!

Another great way to set sampler blocks.  Simple but so effective!

Hand quilting is amazing!

I made this quilt years ago out of batiks.  It's on the cover of a book I have.  Great little pattern!

I wanted a close up because I thought this was a great way to use large-scale prints.  I didn't have a ruler so I couldn't get the measurements but I'm guessing the center square is 8".

Central Oregon is just beautiful this week.  I sleep with the windows open all over the house (since my husband isn't here yet---he hates when it gets cold).  I woke up about 4:30 and the outside temp was 37* and the inside of the house was 44*!  When I woke up, it had gotten up to 52*.  I LOVE it!!

More pictures tomorrow of the rest of the show.  Off for a hike.  Still haven't turned on the sewing machine yet but I'm ready!!!


  1. Wow--her work is beautiful! Looks like a wonderful show.
    Your temps at night are colder than ours right now, and I thought we were having nice, cool nights.
    Are you staying in Oregon from now through Sisters?

  2. Lovely works...sounds like good sleeping weather for sure--enjoy hugs, Julierose

  3. Thanks for sharing, Randy. She is a very talented lady. WOW! Wish that quilt wasn't folded too. Darn! It is so gorgeous. Love her work. Enjoy the hike. ;^)

  4. I am with your husband....close the windows! LOL!
    The quilter featured does some very nice applique and what looks like hand quilting. Did you shop while you were there?

  5. Beautiful quilts!!! I love cooler nights - it doesn't get that cool here in the Willamette Valley, though.