Thursday, June 29, 2017

Asian inspired quilts

The other part of the exhibit at Quilt Works was devoted to Asian inspired quilts.  I found one in particular that I just found spectacular!

It isn't surprising that it took her 40 hrs to do the appliqué of the flowers and the birds.  I had to look so very carefully to see where they were attached to the background.  She didn't sew them down;  they were cut out exactly on the lines and then she must have pressed the pieces in place.  I don't know which type of material she used but it was so very effective.

I haven't sewn an Asian quilt in years but I still found these quilts extremely interesting to look at.

Tomorrow I'll show you pictures of quilts I saw today while I was helping out for the Sisters Quilt Show.  I was helping to deliver quilts to various sponsors for them to display the quilts.  It wasn't a ton of quilts but they were fun to look at.

And, just for fun, I'll share my freezing house story:  you know I love leaving the windows open here in Oregon because the air is so clean and I love the crisp, cool air.  My husband arrives tonight so last night was my last chance to do that (he hates the windows open, actually).  When I woke up around 7 AM, the outside temperature was 37*;  the inside temperature?  44*!! I'm not kidding.  It was pretty chilly!  This afternoon I've kept the windows open so the heat can come in.  I don't think my family will enjoy the house being in the 50s!! (Truth be told -- if I was in California, I'd have the fireplace on if the house got so cold!!)


  1. Beautiful quilts. I'm not a fan of the cold either, but I do like the fresh air when I am toasty warm under the covers.

  2. Wow--such beautiful quilts. I've NEVER made an Asian inspired quilt. Do you have photos to share of ones you have made.
    Okay--I like to sleep in a cool house, but you may be taking it a little farther than comfortable. : )

  3. sch beautiful quilts especially the first one and good to read about it too

  4. My favorite here is "I'll Fly Away"--wouldn't we all like to do that occasionally? ;)))hugs, Julierose

  5. Beautiful quilts. Things are probably going to start ramping up for the Sisters show. Have a wonderful time.

  6. My DH doesn't like to have the windows open at night either, but I think it's mainly because our bedrooms are on the first (and only) floor and in Texas there was a lot of crime and we never kept windows open for that reason. There's not much crime here, so I would like to have them open.