Monday, June 4, 2018

a little car sewing

We drove up yesterday to the cabin and I was able to finish two more blocks for the Primitive Gatherings Freebie from last summer.  I think I only have two or three more to do and then I can start to put them together. And start on this year's project, which will be coming very soon!

My houses are a little wonky and I really am not very good at sewing a stem stitch so I decided that my flowers would have 3 per stem.  I can make fairly decent french knots, and with variegated thread, it's great fun.

This one needs a little work;  the roof came out crooked.  UGH.  I"m sure I'll fix it after I've finished some others.  Kind of sick of it now, though.  But you can get an idea of how needy my wool applique is! This would have benefited from using a little glue stick to hold it in place but I didn't have it in the car last time.

I'm also continuing on my setting of some of my Triangle Gatherings blocks.  I was a bit harried getting packed since we had the kids and I only cut a small piece of the sashing fabric, rather than taking the entire piece.  So I don't think I brought enough with me to finish it.  Not sure if I'll try to find it in Bend or not.  I do have a 2 yd piece sitting in California.  GRRRR

It looks a little rumpled because it was packed in my bag to bring up to our cabin.

anyway, I do have other projects to work on so I think I'll go as far as I can with the sashing I brought along... 

Tonight we are going to the local baseball game which is made up of college kids.  The team is the Bend Elks and it should be great fun.  We are also planning to go to the rodeo in Sisters on Saturday.  


  1. I love your darling woolie house blocks...they are perfect! And of course I love those triangle blocks...go girl go!!

    1. Thanks, Julie... It's been fun but the pile of 98 blocks isn't going down very fast!

  2. You are way too hard on yourself! I LOVE the wonkyness of those sweet little house blocks. They are adorable and your stitching is beautiful. Love the setting for your triangle blocks. It is frustrating to know you have left something at home that you need. I'm lucky our summer house is only 20 minutes away!

  3. I think your wool blocks are adorable--perfection is not the goal--they look so cute and Prim...hugs, Julierose

  4. I love the way your wool blocks look! A bit of wonkyness adds to the individuality and charm. I can't wait to see your Triangle Gathering blocks together. That's a a great setting!

  5. The first one can be your "cabin" in Sunriver!
    You have the grandkids for 2 weeks? What fun!

  6. like Wendy I think your houses have personality and charm. Love them!

  7. I think the house looks great don't touch it!!! And I love the way the Triangle thigy is coming along! Brava!

  8. When I travel with my wool I staple the pieces on to the background, that way they don't fall off or shift. Very easy to remove by just folding the fabric at the staple and one end usually pops out. Your wonky houses are too cute.

  9. I think your wool house blocks are Charming. I wouldn't change a thing.

  10. Those little houses are cute as can be. Good project for traveling.