Sunday, June 17, 2018

Preschool graduation?!

Darling little Emma finished preschool on Friday and we didn't want to miss her "graduation"!!  Not sure we agree with the concept, although I will admit that I remember going to a preschool graduation for our 35 yr old daughter so it's not a new concept!  Here are the 3 darlings! [she's been at a Catholic preschool btw]

They did come back to our house for part of the weekend so I was able to get a little sewing done.  

I'm participating (actively this time!) in the Blockheads II and I finished the first two blocks, ON TIME!  I did the first one up at the cabin so was restricted by what I had and just used red/blue/gold.  Not a bad combination.  Not sure if I showed this to you last week... sorry for the repeat, if I did.

Once the kids left, I started working in earnest on completing the Primitive Gatherings Freebie from last summer.  I showed you some of my recent blocks and I'm done with the 12 so I started working on the setting.  WHEW...  It's a great looking quilt which I will be happy to hang when it's done.

I sewed the blocks into rows with spacers between each block, which will be filled with more appliqué.  I've got them ready for our next road trip back to the cabin in two weeks.

And I started working on the rows that go in between the appliqué.  In typical Primitive Gatherings fashion, the parts are SMALL... here is one row:

up close:

In case you're wondering, there are 19 quarter-square triangles that finish at all of 1"!!! YIKES...  I'm going to work on them little by little so I'll be ready to add them to the appliquéd rows.  And, by the way, that one house that had the crooked roof I showed you?  I think I'm going to redo the roof... the whole house looks like it's ready to collapse so I think I will redo it (and the chimney).  Won't take too long...

Hope everyone had a nice version of Father's Day.  We had our son over with his wife and darling Eli, who is just adorable.  But, I'll tell you, a grandchild from a daughter is entirely different than with your son!!  My daughter-in-law just started taking Eli to preschool and I was hoping to pick him up once a week (as I did with Ryan) so I'd get an hour or two with him alone... she won't agree since she's not working yet so she wants to pick him up every day... sheesh... vbg  What are you going to do??  They are coming up to the cabin in two weeks for July 4th week so I'll get a week with him (and two of the other grandkids, too) so that'll be great...


  1. Congratulations to Emma ! A new level is going, maybe a little bit difficult (oh...just a little bit ... !!)
    Your blocks are very cute ! Love a lot the colors !

  2. Congratulations on your 1" quarter squares! Not sure I have that kind of patience. That one reason I didn't do the 365 Challenge! 😃 Hope you re able to work out your time with Eli. Time with grands one on one is so special! I haven't jumped int Blockheads II yet because my printer isn't hooked up and I'm not sure I'm up for the technical challenges!

  3. What fun blocks all around! The kids are sure cute!!

  4. Yikes--that sashing is super small! Lisa loves to challenge us, that's for sure--lol!

  5. Oh they are all so cute!!! I can't believe how they are growing! Love those tiny, tiny triangles.