Sunday, August 19, 2018

A little surprise and some challenges

I made a few more blocks for the Moda Blockheads II sewalong but wasn't particularly happy with the fabrics I chose so I redid at least one block.  The bottom one was the first; the top one was the improved version.  Chevron vs flying geese??

And I wasn't happy with the original fabrics in this large block so I took out the large triangles and replaced them first with medium and then dark blue.  This is the last one.  I'm still not loving it but I'm going to leave it as it is.  There are too many pieces to take it apart!

I reused the medium blue and lights which were the original large triangles and made a pinwheel.  I'll use it in the quilt somewhere!  I think you'll agree is kind of "blah"!!

I'm also doing the Splendid Sampler when I like the blocks (not too complicated...VBG) and they're not appliqued!  I love the little blue kitty fabric!  Since they are 6", they'll fit in with the Moda quilt when I'm all ready to put it together.

The surprise part of this post is a little teaser-- I'm doing a swap with Janet O. again this year and our theme is baskets.  I love baskets... second only to stars.  Maybe we'll do stars next time!  So I've got the majority of my piece together but had some leftovers and will show you these extras!  I love double pinks!  These little half square triangles are perfect for Janet--they finish at 3/4"!!  I'll post a picture once she's received it later this month.  That's my plan for now!

We drove back from the cabin yesterday and I  worked on the bottom border for the little village I've been working on from Primitive Gatherings.  Tracing the words was a challenge. I ultimately got tracing paper (remember from sewing clothes way back when??) and used a pen to trace the words.  I also finished most of the wool applique.  There is still a key!-- I need to cut that out but I didn't bring any wool with me.  UGH.. the roof is a little crooked in this picture.  I even pinned it down while I sewed it.  Oh my--story of my wool applique life!

Don't look at the gorgeous floral print in the top corner...might be part of the surprise for the basket top.

I really don't feel that I've mastered the stem stitch, even after all these blocks...if you have any tips on embroidering a stem stitch, I'm all ears.

Here's the rest of the village... Little Emma loves to pick up the picture of the wallhanging and compare it to what I've done--even at just 6, she's able to identify which trees should go where!  The angle of the picture makes it look even wonkier than it is.  It's only a little cock-eyed!! ;-)  Once I get the key and other pieces for the bottom border sewn on, then I can sew it together and get the border vines and flowers cut out and ready for our next drive back up to the cabin in two weeks.

Hope you're enjoying the last vestiges of summer!


  1. Flying geese vs chevron: both look good to me. Love the leaping frog too. The little village is stunning. Wow! I so love it. So much work in there. It's gorgeous! ;^)

  2. All so pretty. I am also doing the Splendid Sampler 2. I really love the little village.

  3. Very pretty works;( I use the split back stitch instead of the stem stitch...I find it easier to manage... Jude Hill at "Spirit Cloth" has a You Tube video on it...)--Although I think yours came out very well..
    Your village is lovely..just adorable...hugs, Julierose

  4. Lucky you to get to Swap with Janet O!
    Baskets in Double Pinks sound good for her. The village is growing. I'm choosing carefully which Splendid Sampler Blocks I want to make too. Tiny pieces and odd shapes don't appeal much to my stitching love.

  5. The frog fabric makes an interesting center for the block and fits right in with the patriotic theme you have going.

  6. I don't think you can go wrong with a patriotic theme--your blocks are so fun! I love your PG project also, it's adorable. When I do the stem stitch, I put the needle in the hole where the previous stitch goes down to the backing and pull the second stitch through--hope that makes sense!

  7. Love that top block! And those little kittens are adorable. I can just picture Emma showing you where all your trees are supposed to be! Really missed having you at the show this year. This summer is flying by but I will not complain as we are finally getting a break from the heat and humidity that has really put a damper on my quilty fun!

  8. You've been busy! I think Samplers can be a challenge. Trying to get all the blocks to flow together well. Love your patriotic theme

  9. I love seeing all of the patriotic fabrics in your blocks. I have never seen most of them.
    Great pinks, Randy! I can't wait--but yours isn't ready yet, so I hope you can. :)
    Love the village. Took me a while to get the stem stitch straight in my head. I was a remedial student of Lisa Bongean's. Sat in her class a second time a couple of years ago and took rapid fire shots of her doing the stitch so that I could study them at home. But I haven't done it for a while now, and would probably need to study them again to do it now. :)

  10. Your village quilt is great. Looking forward to seeing your and Janet's swaps!