Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I'm a blockhead, parts I and II

And I don't really mean in the Moda sense of the word... VBG

I've been sewing away on the basket mini-quilt I'm gifting to Janet O and have NEVER used my seam ripper so many times on the SAME seam!! Really!  I think I sewed and ripped one seam over 6 times... I even tried to sew it by hand... NOPE  that didn't do the trick...

Lesson learned, AGAIN--- when you are doing applique, you need to make the background square LARGER than the finished size in case it shrinks... DUH.

I finally mostly got it fixed... I'm hoping to finish it in the next two days and will share it once it's been received.

In the meantime, I have been working on the latest Moda Blockhead block for this week, #12.  I made one just piecing it but once again, I know I'll lose my points when I sew the seam up.  I keep reminding myself that the quilt police are not coming and once it's all quilted, no one will notice that problem (or not tell me about it, hopefully!)

I was very frustrated about the points so decided to make another one, using the paper piecing pattern that was offered.  

I am usually a fan of paper piecing but honestly, this block took be FOREVER--wasn't faster than straight piecing.  Maybe the points will be better.
The one thing I liked was the ability to change the fabrics and alter the look.  I liked that.

I had 3 grandkids over the weekend and I can't resist sharing a picture from one of our walks with Max. They are really into taking walks these days, which is a huge achievement since they are city-kids and never go anywhere without their cars.

Being the consummate Nana, I picked up little Eli yesterday (Monday is my afternoon with him!) and took him to the park for a couple of hours.  I had to get my Eli fix in since they are going to Germany for the next two weeks.

I'll share something with you that I learned recently.  I just finished reading a fabulous book, which I picked for my book group.  It's called "It's What I Do" by Lynsey Addario.  It's about a photojournalist's life and experiences.  I highly recommend it.   She has taken amazing photos all over the world and it opened my eyes to more un-posed pictures.  No more "Say Cheese"...

Hope you are having a great week.  I'm heading back to the baskets AGAIN!!


  1. These blocks look hard to make--no matter which way! But they came out lovely.
    Cute pix--I like unposed too. hugs, Julierose

  2. I am so in love with your first block! WOW! What a beauty. Points, no points and all; I love it. And those children are adorable. Enjoy it Nana! ;^)

  3. Those are great looking blocks. I agree that the un-posed pictures are so much more interesting. There is nothing like a good walk for city kids!

  4. Love your blocks ... you are too hard on yourself, friend! Thanks for the book recommend ... perfect timing as I was looking for my next read. Just finished "The Alice Network" ... OMGosh ... loved, loved, LOVED that book ... a true page turner ... which I believe was based on a true story/experience. Put it on your list if you haven't read it yet. Linda

  5. PS: LOVING the grand pictures ... please continue to share ;-) Linda

  6. You are not a blockhead in any sense of the word.
    Your blocks always speak to me in those patriotic fabrics.
    Great shots of the kids. I see the value of posed shots, but I love the candid moments.

  7. Love the pics of the kids!! And Max!
    Your blocks are fantastic- points are over rated!! LOL

  8. I love your blocks Randy but I think (no...I'm pretty sure !) they are difficult to realize.
    The picture of the kids are beautiful !! Oh my...they are so adorable !!

  9. The kiddos are adorable and your blocks are pretty sweet too.

  10. You did really well with your points on the blocks.

  11. what cute kids.
    points can be overrated. Love that shirting background - the shooting star is so so cute!

  12. I admire your efforts... it was a challenging block for sure!