Sunday, January 6, 2019

Signs of spring indoors

As I write this, it's been pouring down rain for a few days.  Welcome weather, let me tell you!  Northern California has been drought-sticken for way too long.

One of the projects I'm going to do this year is the Céçile and Béa quiltalong.  This year they are doing flowers.  Lots of flowers.

Rather than appliqué, I decided to paper-piece my lovelies.  I started with an old old book of patterns and am using my Kaffe Fassett scraps from my tuffett!  There are other fabrics thrown in as well but the idea is the same:  BRIGHTS

My November mini was completed, at last.  Hand quilted the whole thing!  Do I get a star, Wendy Reed (constantquilter)??  This was a top I started years ago and I'm happy to have it completed.  I will say that I did enjoy the hand-quilting but am sad to report that my Signature quilting thread was faded on the outside from lack of use!  ;-)

My December mini was the swap I did with Wendy, using the Kim Diehl pattern.  So I finished the year having made 12 minis!

What's up for this year?  I'm going to do the minis again and made something from the Vintage Patchwork book.  Not sure what else.  Do you have lots of plans for the year??

Now I have a question for you:  how do you hang your quilts?  My minis are on the wall with tacks.  My bigger quilts, however, are frequently hung inartfully.  I'm very curious to hear your methods for hanging quilts...


  1. Just love your Spring tulips lovely colors...hugs, Julierose

  2. Love love love your flower blocks !! Thank you Randy !
    My minis are hung in my sewing room : with 2 nails and 2 ties !

  3. For my queen sized quilt hanging above our entry way, I use a bar that squeezes the quilt between two pieces of wood. I placed batting around the quilt there to help hold it in place. It has been hanging for years without a problem.

    For the quilt I hang over my fireplace, I found some invisible quilt hangers called NoSeeUms. I love that I can change out my wall hanging based on the holidays for that time of year and you never see the hangers, and no extra holes are placed in my wall from tacks (which is what I was using before).

  4. Those are cute flower blocks!!

  5. Oh yes, you do get a gold star for that sweet little mini!! It is adorable. I love your flower blocks too. I love this sew-a-long because the blocks are so varied. I put sleeves on most of my minis, in fact I think I used the triangle method on the wool swap. I put sleeves on all my large quilts, because most of them go to our state show at one point. That being said, I don't hang many quilts in my house do to lack of space (as you have witnessed!).

  6. Congratulations on finishing all 12 minis. You rock, girl! Love your flowers too. What a nice quilt those will make. Looking forward to that.
    I don't have a lot of plans for the year. It's basically finishing what I have already started. With a few new projects because ... well, you know, new projects make my mojo boil! :^D
    I usually hand minis with (yikes!)pins. Old pins I don't use with material anymore, get to work on walls. My bigger mini has triangles at the back and a dowel slipped under the triangles holds up the quilt. It also calls for a nail or two, depending on the size of the "bigger" mini. ;^)

  7. Really fun, bright flowers, Randy!
    Love your cute little November mini. I'd give you two stars for the hand quilting. :)
    I don't hang large quilts--no room in a dome with so many sloping walls.
    Most of my minis are hung on yardsticks and rulers, or on Ackfeld Wire hangers, using clips hooked to the rods or rulers. That doesn't make sense, but I think you know what I mean.

  8. Vibrant and interesting fabrics used in those flowers. Nothing like that in my fabric stash.

  9. Love your flower blocks! My small and medium quilts I mostly use two piece wooden clips I got at Keepsake Quilting. Large quilts I use a decorative rod.

  10. Your flower blocks are just gorgeous! I love your little mini, too, it is so darn cute!

  11. I usually put a sleeve on quilts that will be hung, but not all minis have sleeves. I hang some of them is clips like you use for curtains with the clip hanging from an old wooden hanger or yard stick. For large quilts, I have a nice big wall and I use the Hang it, Dang it hanger. They come in 3 sizes I think and I have the largest one. It expands so I can hang a big quilt with just one nail in the wall - it has to be a strong nail. The sleeve has to be open in the center so the hook on the hanger is out to hang on the nail. I really like this hanger and would like to have another one or 2. DH gets up on a step ladder to change the quilts out for me. Your flowers are lovely!