Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Big Reveal

I promised to share my version of the Kim Diehl pattern that Wendy Reed (constantquilter) and I swapped once she received it.  Well, much to my surprise, the post office delivered it likitty split (spelling??).

Here is mine!  

Here's a close-up of the center.  You see my imperfections more easily-- the strip across the vase is crooked!  And one of my stars isn't close enough to the trunk.  I also ran out of the orange thread while in New Zealand and had to substitute something else!  I notice all these things AFTER they're sewn down and I figured I like my projects to look handmade (=imperfect!)...  I also had a heck of a time with the machine quilting.. machine issues, operator error until finally my trusty Bernina 1130 was called into action and performed beautifully.  For some reason my Juki wasn't behaving.

Since I received Wendy's before I finished mine, I was able to photograph the two pieces side by side.  I did wait until mine was done before I opened hers so here you go!  I love what she did;  and don't believe a word of what she says about her limited ability to sew down wool... her buttonhole is fabulous!  And the threads all match!! HEEHEE!!  Mine was a bit of a hodge-podge and I love variegated threads. So there you are.

I eliminated the very large leaves used at the end of the stems and substituted various flowers;  I also embroidered french knots on a few and did embroidery on some leaves and the tulip, to jazz them up.

This was a great project to undertake with two people doing the same pattern but interpreting the pattern to our own tastes.  I think I'd love to do this again and will be looking for another victim partner to join me.  Any interest?  This one turned out to be much more work than I anticipated so next time I'd do something smaller and less intricate.

We are back in California tonight with much trepidation.  I left Oregon with my mom in great turmoil over her move to the memory care facility on Friday;  I also have a brother who hasn't been very involved in her care but feels the need to muck things up so that's been a bit stressful.

Also, I haven't mentioned this but our 30 yr old son decided to pursue a dream of his and is joining the Marine reserves officer training for the next 18 months.  He is leaving on Saturday for Quantico, VA for bootcamp and then who-knows-where for the rest of the time.  Sadly our daughter in law is taking little Eli to Germany for the next 3 months while Ben is in bootcamp... and, imagine this:  she is not allowing me to come visit.  GASP!~!!   How will I survive??  Seriously, it's quite an undertaking and we are very proud of our son's determination while at the same time, sad to see him go.  He's very excited to be a Marine, and I can't fault that!   I'll keep you posted.

I am truly heartfelt at what a wonderful group of bloggers I've met and I wish everyone a very healthy, successful, and happy 2019!

Much love,


  1. I love seeing the two interpretations side by side. So fun! You each did a great job!
    Wool work is something I really enjoy, but I have one last swap on my schedule this month and then I am taking a break from them for a while. I really need to finish a bunch of my UFOs before I suffocate. Otherwise I would offer to be your next victim. :)
    That is hard to have your son, DIL, and grandson all leave at once. Sorry you don't get to visit.
    Happy New Year to you, Randy! You are a dear.

  2. You may call them imperfections, at our quilt ministry we call them "imagination" or better yet "inspiration!" Both versions are bright and fun, and perfect to hang up during these dreary winter months.

  3. They are both beautiful and sweet. I always try to do my best, but I don't worry too much about imperfections. I love vintage quilts and it's the ones with the chopped off points and mismatched seams that I find most interesting. Maybe perfection is also in the eye of the beholder. I love Quilting Babcia's comment that they are imagination or inspiration!

  4. I think that is great about Ben and Julia! I'm sure you'll miss them all so much!
    Those 2 quilts look completely different! Both super cute though.

  5. Gorgeous quilts,I think yours is perfect the way it is. Prayers go out to you and your mother.

  6. Love the two quilts - it's a lovely pattern and I'm always amazed at how we can start out at the same place and proceed to make a quilt our own!! I learn best by seeing how others interpret designs I'm also working on! Sending best wishes and comfort to you through your family's upcoming transitions -- life is blessed and full of change.

  7. It's so fun to see the quilts side by side--love the changes you made!

  8. I love seeing how others interpet a pattern and to see these side by side was great. Wendy made a mini quilt for me, in one of Lori's swaps. Her work is very good! Enjoy your new treasure. I hope 2019 is full of good health and lots of stitching.

  9. Love your version--especially that sunflower--great choice of colors; so nice to see them both together...just amazing how people interpret so differently isn't it? Hugs, julierose

  10. Oh! You are way to harsh on yourself. This mini is plain AWESOME!! What you call imperfection is what I call character. It's something that cannot be copied. I love that. The fact that the star isn't close enough to the trunk is not a mistake in itself since none of the views knew the star was suppose to be closer. Yeah, okay, Wendy did hers with the stars even on both sides, so it doesn't mean you HAD to do it too. So there; your quilt is more AWESOME than you thought. VBG. I so love your different flowers especially the sunflower on top with its array of French knots. Love the stripy red inner border. Just AWESOME, I'm telling you! ;^)

  11. From reading your post, I thought of a quote or song "One of these things is not like the other". Looked it up and found it as a song by Ernie on Sesame Street. O was thinking it was Mr. Rogers who said it. Anyhow, a very interesting idea. I would be willing to be a victim a bit later in the year.

  12. I love both versions of this pattern! Your version has individuality and character which it wouldn’t have if it were a “perfect” copy of the pattern. Don’t be so judgmental of your work! It lovely!�� Sorry about your grandson but keep busy and the time will pass. Hope your mom settles down soon!

  13. What??? I will e-mail you regarding that last paragraph! As for the quilts, I do love seeing them side by side, except it makes me wish I had done more quilting. Yours looks so much more finished with the great quilting. I didn't dare do free motion because I stink at it. And, I did use variegated thread, but it doesn't seem to show. I love everything about yours!!

  14. Happy new year dear Randy !
    I love your version too (because I wrote the same to Wendy) !! I love both quilts ! I'm sorry for your grandson... Germany is not close to America but there is internet ! And Skype ... I understand you.... lots of hugs friend !

  15. The quilts are both awesome! I do love Kim Diehl designs. A lot of times, I stitch the wool down by machine. Hee Hee! I'm sure you are proud of your son. I know how it is because our youngest son has been in the Air Force for 22 years and is a Lt. Colonel. He will be retiring in a couple years. They have always been stationed in the US, which was nice for us. We are so proud of him and thankful that even with about 8 deployments to the middle east, he is safe at home now. As to your youngest Eli (our youngest is Eli also but 8 yo), the 3 months will go by fast for you. Happy New Year!