Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Another Twilight Garden block

 I have finished another block from the Primitive Gatherings SBOW 2018 and may have just another 3 or 4 left before I start on the center and borders, which will be very long projects.  These are my hand sewing projects for the car on the trips between California and Central Oregon.

I have never professed to be a particularly talented appliquér so it doesn't bother me too much when my blocks aren't perfect.  I am loving this project and think that none of my inaccuracies will matter when it's done.  It's definitely not machine produced! ;-)

That being said, I'm finishing up my medallion challenge quilt and decided I wanted appliqué in the corners.  Motivated by the master quilters Wendy Reed and Barb Vedder, I decided to do it by hand (the center of the quilt was done by machine).  I found the little flowers in the same book I found for the center. I added a little embroidery for the stems so the flowers weren't just floating!

I've decided to add one final "solid" border after the flying geese and I'm torn between these two.  I sewed one flower in the upper right corner; the other 3 are waiting for the flying geese to land!

What do you think??  
When all 3 of our tops are done, we'll figure out a way to post them together!  They are all so different but have the same basic parameters!

It's exceedingly smoky here in the Bend area and I'm staying inside until it clears.  I am hoping for rain later this week to put out the fires and clear the smoky air.

Take care, everyone.


  1. The lighter border just kind of blends in. The darker, in my mind, draws you to the quilt and really sets it off, ties all the colors and your center flowers together! Stay safe...

  2. I like the lighter one [big help, right? ;))) "te gustibus" and all that s i g h ]
    I just love that soft pinky color against all the flying geese--like a sunset of sorts...("Imagination is funny...")
    This is such a beautiful piece of work nice job...
    hugs, Julierose

  3. Love the Twilight Garden on red. I haven't started yet. Did you wash the background flannel before starting?

  4. You’re appliqué is lovely! Twilight Garden will be a real gem when you put them all together. I like the green border for the way it ties everything together. Also the busier pattern seems to fit better with the rest of the quilt. But either will be lovely. Hope your mother is well.

  5. I like the brown border better. But it's your quilt, you add which border you like the best. Either one will look nice. Happy stitching!

  6. I think the brown border makes a nice frame for the rest of the quilt. It's going to be beautiful no matter what you decide, and Twilight Garden is going to be a treasure no matter how long it takes to finish! Happy stitching!

  7. I say wow. What a wonderful quilt! I echo Karen in saying this is a masterpiece, a beauty no matter how you border it. Inspiring to me too!

  8. Those flowers make a great addition to the design of the quilt. Two good border choices, but I'm drawn to #1. It will be fun to see the three quilts together.

  9. I like the brown border a weee bit better but of course it's your quilt.
    I love that project. That's a lot of geese!

    On another note, glad you are safe from the fires. Hoping against all that it stays that way. Take care and go sew something!

  10. Such a pretty quilt! Really lovely! My vote is for the darker border. It frames and finishes it so nicely. Kind of "seals the deal".

  11. Love love your border choice. It sets off your medallion just right.
    How big is yours?
    Your wool applique is great and yay for not being too concerned about perfection! woo hoo. we are not robots.
    I hope the smoke eases up soon !!!!

  12. Car rides are great for handwork. I'm like you with appliqué, not a perfectionist. Both of your border choices are so nice. I'm partial to the second one, the pink. Hope you get some good rain!

  13. Look at you go with all the applique!
    The red/white is going to be a very striking quilt.
    You have two lovely border fabrics from which to choose. I'm drawn to the brown, but I can't say for sure why.

  14. The applique looks great! I don't know where you find the patience for all those little details! I really like the second border fab. It's a great color match with the other fabs. The whole top looks wonderful!