Monday, September 21, 2020


I was determined to finish the challenge between two other friends and spent most of my sewing time this weekend finishing it up. I like how it turned out.

I love piecing my backs and decided to use up some fat eighths that I'd gotten many years ago at quilt market.  I also grabbed some flying geese from my orphan block bag. I also always look for sale fabrics for backings and this light French General was bought for that very purpose.  I think it's perfect for this top.  

 Can you see Max's tail in the corner? VBG.  I think Wendy (constantquilter) just finished hers so we should be able to do a display of all 3 of our projects.

Remember the other day when I was saying my wool appliqué isn't perfect?  Well, I don't feel that way about mitered corners.  To me, they have to be perfect.  It's probably the only aspect of quilting that I strive for perfection.  VBG. I ultimately opted for the darker border, which was the definite majority winner!  This fabric looks like a picture frame to me, so the corners really needed to meet up.

So what next??? hmmm.

 Do you find yourself a little lost once you've finished a project?  Not sure what to work on next?  I always find this to be difficult.

Today I was looking for something to work on and my eyes fell upon a UFO from many years ago.  I think it was a Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I didn't get very far, although I did sew tons of the string parts together.  I pulled it out but didn't really want to work on the quilt as designed, which is why I abandoned it years ago. This is how far I'd gotten putting it together:

I found piles of string pieces for the construction.  I think that's why I generally don't quilt that way---as sew parts as I go, rather than in assembly line fashion.  Anyway, this is what I pulled out of the bag, along with the top and a few other stars:
I'm looking for suggestions as to what to do with all those corner triangles as well as the 3" squares!

I decided I was going to use the top for a donation quilt for the kid's group I sew with.  I fortunately had some fabric here at the cabin that worked:  You can't really tell but the inner border is a nice purple.  It'll make a great kid's quilt, I think.

That's it for my sewing.  I'm still at a standstill trying to decide what to work on next.  I'm feeling the urge to do more appliqué so I'm looking at patterns that I might tackle.

Hope you're having a great week.  Fall has come to Central Oregon already!  It's been about 32* in the early morning!  The smoke is finally gone!


  1. Wee I love your finished Medallion top! That border print is really perfect and so are you corners! wow. I haven't done those in many years (ever?)
    The back is really great. I love pieced backings. How will you quilt it?
    Your leftover made a really nice scrap quilt! you've been getting a lot done!

  2. It is absolutely stunning! Your miters are perfect! Have fun kayaking today!!

  3. The three of you all did a fantastic job on your round robin quilts. Your own style shines through and the mitered corners on the borders are perfect. It was a great final choice. I know what you mean about feeling a bit lost after finishing a project. Your UFO worked up perfectly with the kids border. It's bright and cheerful. Somebody will love it.

  4. What a great way to complete your Bonnie Hunter project and be done with it--some lucky child will love it. You really did nail the miters on your medallion quilt. It's just beautiful and using up stash for the back is a bonus!

  5. Wow, Randy! You really got a winner. Love your medallion quilt. The applique flowers on the corners are so perfect for this project as are the mitered corners. Bravo!
    That abandoned quilt is Bonnie's Orca Bay. I so love that quilt but didn't know Bonnie back then. (didn't blog either). You turned these units into a lovely kid's quilt. I love the play of colours. Great job!
    I never have that problem when I am done with a project because, even before the project gets done, I am already thinking of the next one. I rarely live in the present unfortunately. ;^)

  6. Randy, you really nailed it on the medallion quilt! That border is the perfect finish, IMHO. The miter looks so good. I took a class once to learn how to miter corners and I think I only did it once afterward.
    Love your finish on Orca Bay--good use of the parts.
    So glad the smoke is gone. I know it has been so bad in parts of Oregon.

  7. What a gorgeous medallion quilt! Thanks for sharing it, Randy. LOVE it AND the super cute way you made use of that UFO!!!

  8. Love your challenge quilt! My kind of colors. Perfect miters, great job.
    The kids quilt worked out great too. Now it's a something, a top, not just in a bag in the closet.

  9. Mitered corners make a statement for sure!
    I didn't make that Bonnie Hunter mystery. Way to check it off your list. Enjoy your Cabin time. Glad the smoke has cleared. It came over here in Nebraska too. Bright red Sunsets through the smoke.

  10. Great to quilts. Yea I saw the night time lows are going to be cold next week but the day time highs...look great. Heading that way Wednesday and so looking forward to it