Saturday, September 5, 2020

A small study of selvages, Part I

 My son arrived with his family this week so my great plans of organizing selvages kind of fell apart.  Back into the bag they went.

 But not before I whipped up a small mug-rug out of some favorites!

Can you make out the sayings on these selvages?  Who knew that selvages had sayings?  I still intend to go through them and organize them and make them into something.  Haven't decided that yet!

Before the kids arrived, I did finish up a donation quilt for the kid's group.  Last summer I bought a baggie filled with scraps... It had two border strips, some squares and another strip.  It's all about glamping.  I wanted to use them up (of course, using up one small baggie doesn't make a dent!) so I found a pattern in an old book I had and punted.  The book is called Block Explosion.  I don't know where I got it from nor do I even remember opening it.  Maybe I picked it up last summer at the quilt show's flea market, when I got the baggie!  This pattern is called Garden Gate

Of course I had to run to the local quilt shop and pick up some go-withs, right??!!  Can you tell there are bananas?  I found a Tula Pink lime green fabric I couldn't resist!  I did mostly use up all the fabric in the baggie!

The true highlight of the week was this surprise package I received from Barb (funwithbarb)!  I recently sent her some puzzles and she decided to reciprocate!  I can't wait to dig into her puzzles.
And as if the puzzles weren't enough, she enclosed some great fabric and Applipops!  And a Barbara Brackman book!  I hit the lottery!! I've been really curious about how those circles work and she had an extra set!
Thanks Barb so very much!

I love sharing sunset photos from our house here in Central Oregon.  Last night, the sun was a huge red ball -- it almost looked like we were in outer space.

Hope everyone is staying well and having a great weekend.  Hard to believe it's the end of summer!  We are heading back to California mid-week to check on the mess the evacuation caused in my house with no power for over a week!  No fires, though, so that's a good thing!


  1. A friend of mine used selvedge edges (including the little color markings on the edges) as a background for applique. Made a striking quilt.

  2. Great sayings on the selvedges.
    Cute quilt. We may be joining the Glamping set next year--hubby wants to camp and I have had my fill of over 30 years of camping in a tent or a pop-up tent trailer, so next spring a camper may become part of our taxable property. LOL
    Really fun puzzles. Barb is a sweetheart!
    That is a gorgeous sunset. That is the only thing to enjoy about all the fires.

  3. Wow, you have had a lot going on! I haven't read you in about a month so I went back through your posts.
    So glad to read that your 92 year old Mom is recovering nicely from Covid.
    Also so glad to hear your home is ok.
    Love your quarantine project with your 2 friends.
    Glad you have enough fabric where you are to keep on creating!!

  4. Love the saying on your little mug rug. Too cute. Very well done. The little quilt is adorable. Love the campers border. They made me smile. Barb is always so generous. What a great friend you have. I love her too. Good luck with the returning home. Hope the mess is not too bad and quickly fixable. ;^)

  5. Who knew that the selvages of fabrics would become so popular and a part of the design! What a great and simple design for a kiddo's charity quilt. Someone will love it. The sunsets have been beautiful here in Colorado as well because of the fires. Yesterday ash was falling from the sky almost like snow. It's very sad. Hope your home is okay.

  6. Your donation quilt is adorable--someone is going to be very blessed to receive it! Lovely sunset photo!

  7. Very cute quilt! Love that border fabric! Wow, that's a lot of puzzle pieces. the one with a ll the labels looks like it would really be fun!
    Stunning Sunset is that from your phone camera? It's really great!

  8. The lime green was perfect for your cute donation quilt, and how fun to get a care package from Barb. What an amazing sunset!

  9. Cute mug rug! I'm forming a plan for my selvage strip :)
    really fun kids quilt. I love the color combination it says summer to me like watermelon and strawberries.
    I'm glad you liked the little package. enjoy!
    the sunset is unreal as is "not real looking" love it.