Thursday, May 6, 2021

Color me colorful and on VACATION

 My dh and I traveled this week to Kauai for a little vacation time at long last and during the lengthy flight I watched a downloaded Netflix show and got another one of my sprigs blocks finished!  Going on vacation on a plane was pretty weird after so long of NOT traveling.  Wearing a mask for 6 hrs wasn't fun but was worth it!

Can you see that little hibiscus flower at the bottom?  Hawaii has such beautiful colors!  We went out to dinner and had a visitor at our table, also very colorful.

And, of course the views are incredible.

Hope you're having a great week. 


  1. How wonderful that you could take such a lovely vacation after the tough year we've all had! Love your sprigs block. That red background is fantastic!

  2. What a wonderful opportunity. Enjoy every moment. Loved your dinner guest

  3. Oh, wow, Randy! Looks beautiful and calming!
    I wondered if the "radio silence" meant you were traveling. :)
    Our younger daughter and her family just got back from Hawaii on Tuesday, but I think they went to Oahu this time.

  4. so lush and beautiful views! wow
    enjoy! soak up some beauty for me :)

  5. It looks heavenly and worth six hours of mask wearing.

  6. Wow! Such lovely pictures and your block is awesome too! ;^)

  7. I've never scene such a colorful gecko! Look at his cute little sucker toes!!
    Have fun and travel safe!