Sunday, May 16, 2021

Color me RED

 The worst part about going on a plane trip these days is having to wear a mask for hours on end.  Of course it's necessary and I am not unhappy that everyone is wearing a mask.  Makes me feel pretty darn safe, even if I've had my vaccines.

Hawaii was amazing;  weather was beautiful and warm and I did get to enjoy the beach and ocean many times.  We had a wonderful time.  It had been a long time since we were on vacation and away from our home.

I had lots of plane time and had found a Netflix show I really enjoyed so I put on my earbuds and sewed away while watching Wentworth, which is about a women's prison and the "residents".  I find it very interesting but it's probably because that's who I represented for 25 years.

Anyway, I got two more blocks done!

I haven't washed out the markers yet, which is why they are still there.  I also had limited threads with me so the stitching may show a bit.

I haven't yet decided what I'm going to put at the ends of each vine.  I'm not sure I like them without something to finish them.

We had three of our grandkids for the weekend and I have to share a couple of darling pictures.  I know not everyone enjoys family photos and I apologize for gushing but some pictures are definitely worth sharing!

The little one in the middle is 4 and we are going to miss him because my son and his family bought a house in Virginia, where they are moving this week.

I figured I'll be taking lots of plane trips to the East Coast, starting this week when I will stay with them for two weeks to help them get moved in;  my son's wife is due to have a baby in a month so she'll be able to hopefully take it a little easy while I'm there.

Hope you are all well.  I have a few smaller projects to share, which I'll post this next week.  Stay safe! 


  1. Looks like a lot of good stitching happened on the plane.
    I love the shot of the grandkids. Wow, they are growing!
    That is tough to have family move so far. I'm sure they will appreciate the help getting moved in and settled.

  2. It's wonderful that you can freely fly to help out your son's family. Really adorable grandkids! Nice that you got away for a real vacay too! Your blocks look great.

  3. what cute photos of the grands. So glad you got to see them.
    two more blocks! good for you!

  4. Those red blocks are really speaking to me! And, you should never apologize for posting photos of those adorable children. I love the picture of Eli in the lawn ornament!

  5. Sprigs blocks are looking great! I enjoy seeing an occasional family picture in the blogs I like. Happy travels!

  6. Such beautiful pictures of the grandchildren. I thought the one in the middle didn't look like the small brother anymore, then I read and I understood. Haha, me! Too bad they have to move so far, but so life most go. You did very good progress on the applique blocks. Love the second one with its lollipop-like leaves. ;^)

  7. Love the pictures of your grands. I so feel for you having them move so far away. Mine did the same 2 years ago from Wisconsin to Louisiana. It was a real bummer. Grandchildren are such a gift. Love your red applique with Kaffe. So beautifully bright!

  8. Cute blocks! And really cute pix of the kids! Gosh, Ben and his son look soooo much alike at that age! I did not know they were moving East?! Dang!
    take care