Sunday, May 2, 2021

Latest mini and baskets galore

 I did actually finish my monthly mini ON TIME (miracles do happen) but haven't had a chance to post the picture.

I think the back is almost more interesting.  I love pieced backs--it uses up extra fabric and I can throw in some orphan blocks!  

Great progress is being made on my wool applique (NOT).  I labored to trace the pattern onto a vinyl overlay and fused most of the pieces in place.  I had to roll of the sides in order to work on the center while driving back to California the other day.  In hindsight I think I would've rather cut the center smaller and added the borders.  So what if there's an extra seam??  This is huge because it includes the border, waiting to be attached.

I figure a couple more long road trips and I'll have the center done.

I showed you some baskets I started.  I've been working on them and sad to say, they aren't turning out exactly the right 4" fin size.  I have a pile of "rejects" and a separate pile of "useable"!!

These are useable.  My friend requested "brights" so she's getting very bright!  There are three of us doing this mini-swap and I'm enjoying it.  I can't wait to give them out IN PERSON!  (more on this in another post)

Here are the ones with the corners cut off! ;-). I think if I keep the handles skinnier and not as wide, it works better.  Also, the instructions say 1-7/8" for the bottom of the basket.  My habit is to round up to 2".  That doesn't work with these.

They definitely have that 'home-made' look, don't you think?? VBG

I also sewed down the border on my medallion quilt that was a group project early on during Covid.  It's one of my favorite quilts, I think

Central Oregon takes a while to warm up and spring is slow to arrive.  We woke up to this view the other day!

That odd "tree" in the left corner is my clothes line!  They aren't permitted so I have a "cheater" that I put up when needed.  The cover comes off and the line opens up much as an umbrella does.  It's a great device and I love it.  It was a little disconcerting a few weeks ago when I wanted to set it up (love drying my sheets outside!) and the hole for the pole was FILLED WITH ICE!!  Gotta love winter!

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful spring, getting vaccinated and still staying safe!


  1. Pretty baskets...those "off" ones would make a cute Improv start for a mini...
    Hugs, Julierose

  2. I love your mini quilt. Those are my favourites colours so it's the best one ever! The back is VERY interesting. I guess you could use the "reject" basket in another mini's backing. Your medallion quilt is GORGEOUS!! I love how you've let the pinwheels float out of the frame. The colours are very well balanced too. Just GORGEOUS! Take care. ;^)

  3. I think your April mini is a double. Both sides are great. Love your gorgeous medallion quilt. Winter seems to be teasing many of us.

  4. Your mini quilt turned out really cute. I love the rust/orange/gold contrast with the four-patches. And you're right, the back is delightful.

  5. Your medallion quilt is spectacular! Cute baskets too. And, your mini is terrific, might I say especially for that wild and wonderful pieced backing! You have an inventive workaround for your clothesline;).

  6. A wonderful mini, Randy! Four-patches can't be beat and I always love an indigo/cheddar combination.
    Your wool applique quilt is going to be a beauty, with that rich red background and the many shades of cream.
    Very cute, colorful baskets to fulfill the "bright" request.
    That is a lovely medallion quilt! Great job!
    Wow--still getting that kind of snowfall? It is pretty, but looks very chilly, too!

  7. The medallion quilt is gorgeous!

  8. Oh your mini is so fabulous. Love cheddar and blue and 4 patches are so sweet maybe we should have swapped those!
    Your wool project is so beautiful and rich looking.
    Wow I can't believe that snow!
    Your medallion is so wonderful! I think you meant your binding, not border as it looks to be finished. What did you name her?

  9. That mini is sensational!!! And, I love those baskets. They don't look like rejects to me. My points are going to be cut off too. At least they will all match! I love your medallion too!

  10. Love your mini! And that beautiful medallion quilt as well! Snow? brrrrrrrrr!