Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another basket quilt

I never realized how popular basket blocks are! So many of you are anxious for me to continue to include baskets in our sow-a-long. I will do that.

In the meantime, I'm going to share a picture of a quilt I made a few years ago which I am donating to a museum's auction in April.  It's very cheery and bright. Actually I had given it to my daughter but when she moved and found herself with less room, she gave it back. So I decided to give it to charity!  Of course, once I looked at it for a while, I almost reconsidered. I love the colors!

Be on the lookout for bonus blocks in a couple of days for our sow-a-long.  And, of course, the next 3 block installment will be on April 4th. Are you all keeping up??

Love to you all,


  1. That's a great quilt! I'm sure the museum could raise a lot of funds with it.

  2. What a beautiful quilt to donate. Very generous of you. It would be hard to part with that one, I think.
    Lest I be accused of being the culprit, I have not been "asking" for more basket blocks, but I have acknowledged that I would enjoy them. : )
    I have kept up with my plaid set of blocks, but I am slipping on the Christmas ones. Am working on some projects with deadlines and they have to take priority right now. Hopefully I will get caught up.

  3. I really do not think I could give upthat lovely basket quilt. That is very generous of you. Someone will be very happy to take it home.

  4. I had never really thought about basket quilts much, but in the past year I've made several basket blocks for sew a longs, and then made a small blue and white basket quilt - a replica of an antique quilt - so I'm thinking I'll make a large basket quilt soon! Thanks for including basket blocks! It has been fun.


  5. that is one lovely quilt--those baskets are so pretty. Aren't you just the nicest "sew-bee" to donate it....Julierose

  6. Love the basket quilt you are going to donate...can I be your charity??!! And yes, I was keeping up with all of the Barrister's Blocks plus the bonus ones as well...that is until my machine started to make noises and I had to run it over for a cleaning/check up. I am anxiously awaiting the phone call that I can come pick it up. That is always so stressful!! LOL!

  7. yes to more basket blocks!! That is a beautiful basket quilt and a very generous gift to your community. blessing to you

  8. I'm keeping up and still doing two colorways.
    Lovely little basket quilt.
    I hope it does some good for your charity.

    Happy sewing